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    Fs: Motuc & dcuc/ie

    Hey folks-

    Looking to move some figures I have here. Some loose, some still MOC/MIB. All figures have been stored or displayed in a smoke free environment.


    Dekker-MIB: $20
    Eternos Palace King Randor-MIB: $20
    Griffin-Loose: $25
    Weapon's Pak-Ultimate Battleground Assortment-$10-SOLD


    Meteron with Mobius Chair-Loose: $35--SOLD
    Starman (Tom Kallor)-MIB: $15
    Uncle Sam with Dollman min-MIBi: $15
    The Flash (Jay Garrick)-Loose: $15
    Dr Midnight-Loose: $10
    Wildcat (Purple)-Loose: $10
    Hawkgirl-Loose: $10
    Stargirl-Loose: $15
    Green Lantern (Alan Scott)-Loose: $10
    Mirror Master-Loose: $15
    Black Lightning-Loose: $10
    Atom-Loose: $10-SOLD
    Beastboy-Loose: $10-SOLD
    Cyborg Superman-Loose-$10
    Green Lantern-Kyle Rayner-Loose: $10-SOLD
    Green Lantern-Sodam Yat-Loose: $10
    Yellow Lantern-Batman-Loose: $10
    White Lantern Hal Jordan-Loose: $10
    White Lantern Flash-Loose: $10
    Blue Lantern Flash-Loose: $10
    Star Sapphire Wonder Woman-Loose: $10
    Yellow Lantern Scarecrow-Loose: $10
    Indigo Lantern Atom-Loose: $10
    Vigilante-Loose: $10
    Nightwing-Loose: $10-SOLD
    Sinestro (Classic outfit-Wave 5)-Loose: $10
    Sinestro (Sinestro Corp outfit)-MIB-$10

    Shipping will vary depending on figures, (Loose vs MIB, size, etc.) and can be combined. Will send via USPS with tracking number. Payments accepted via Paypal. Send me a direct message if interested.
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