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Thread: $18 MOTUCs on GILT???

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    $18 MOTUCs on GILT???

    I just bit the hook on this deal.

    6 different MOTUCs available for $18 each w a 2per limit.

    I've never heard of this site, so we shall see what comes of this...

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    Huh, we'll that's cool... That's a deal.

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    I saw someone else post about this yesterday on Facebook, never heard of that store so let us know how it turns out
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    AND...shipping on 2 figures is only 5.99!! DR charges double for 1

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    there is a post about this in the classics forum. I saw if you share on sites like facebook friends can get 25 dollars off their first purchase. and it will share your purchase so others can do the same. we shall see how that works out.
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    I'm guessing this sale is no longer active?
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