Here's a simple, albeit nerve-racking, fixup that I did to my Teela figure. I doubt Mattel will make a 2.0 update or a simple re-issue so I took matters into my own hands. Teela is a beautiful figure but the lack of waist articulation really hinders her. I recently got an extra Teela to turn into the vintage Goddess/Sorceress and built up the courage to cut her up!

The procedure was simple, actually. I just took an X-acto knife and tried to slice cleanly along her waistline to create a new point of articulation. The tunic rubber is a little more rigid than on newer figures but it's possible to cut into it. The hardest part was cutting through the leaves in the center since the rubber is thicker there. A couple of cuts got a little sloppy on her right side but overall, it doesn't look so bad and her poseability is now greatly improved. I'm having fun posing her in my displays!