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Thread: Are you a MOC or loose collector when it comes to MOTUC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collec-Tor View Post
    I can afford them better loose, but I've been very lucky with a few MOC finds, and they look so darn nice in there, I'm loathe to open them...
    I don't have the will power not to open them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    Defeats the purpose for my 3 year old, yes, not for me....
    I understand the "not a kid anymore" argument, but you really don't have to go there. No one is calling you crazy for collecting MOC, so you don't have to hit back by calling us loose collectors "kids." It's just personal preference: I just don't care about the art unless I can have a hand in it in some way. It bleeds over to my interest in video games, for instance - I'm not a big fan of first-person shooters 'cause I can't seem my character doing cool things. I need to see the results of my own interaction with my purchased items, in most cases. So I like to have my figures loose so I can pose them and set up the result, so it's a product that I interacted with.

    That's just me. MANY MANY people buy art of all kinds, and you can't do anything with it but set it up around the house or on the walls - and that's COOL. No one here has a problem with that! Keeping things MOC is just like collecting art; they put work into the packaging and placing the figure within, and it looks cool, so there's no reason not to display them that way. Once's all personal preference. There's no wrong way to collect. No one is crazy for keeping thier art intact, and no one is acting like a child when they want to interact with thier art. It's a win for both sides.
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    I open my toys. If I buy or pay money for something, I'm going to use it.
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    Loose only! I cannot fathom keeping these things in their little plastic prisons.
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    Free them! They are so much more fun open and they take up less space.

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    I buy two of each. I open one to display loose. sometimes I open the other if its one of those figures that has other display options like Khan with the two heads & him being on two teams.
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    But I've collected the line since the beginning, but all of these boxes take up A TON of space. I've been considering opening them (to the dismay of my wife who thinks I should keep them MOC.)

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    I like to open all of my figures, it's fun to display them and seeing them battle around Castle Grayskull!

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    Loose. If they were done up more like DCUC was at retail and the figures were posed more in action style poses I might have kept them carded. Even then I have debated opening my other carded figures from other lines. The big problem is finding out figures don't like to stand on their own, or the inevitable cleaning day.
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    Loose is the way we ride.

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    I primarily collect these figures MOC/MIB.

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    I'm about 98% loose collector. I only have a few MOC items.
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    Mine are all MOC, and hanging on all my walls in my room! I would open them up, but my fiancee' would try to kill me! My children want to interreact with them, as well as I do (The Kid in Me)! So now I have a new strategy plan, I'm trying to convince her, to allow me to get 2 or more of each character! I so want to open mine now but am holding out for now! Maybe when I get my CASTLE GRAYSKULL! Muahhhhha!

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    I collect them loose, but i keep all the bios and brick papers with the figures names.

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    I try to be both, but first and foremost MOC/MIB.
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    I have at least one full set of loose including all the sub exs, TRU repaints (minus spirit of Grayskull and Battle Armor Faker), plus a bunch of 2nds (figures like Kobra Kahn, Trapjaw etc where there are 2 or more display options).

    Plus i have an additional 2nd run He-Man, first run Skeletor and a WunDar, which I keep MOC
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    I find this poll to be very interesting in light of the recent cost reduction discussions. I wish more would participate.
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