Here is the Home of the SOK's cleaning out my closet Sale Thread. I have compiled tons of items in the past 20 years from buying lots and finding items at my grandparents house that were mine when I was a kid.

Remco Warriors - Dragon Riding beast $15 shipped

S.L.U.G. Zombies figures:

Series 1 figures: $5 each w/ shipping & dc# included

corroding kid
king guts
jon b gone
decayin dom
neil armgone
brain eating brandon

Glyos & Outer Space Men figures

Volkrium Glyans **SOLD**

OSM set loose/complete extra parts and weapons not pictured $50 shipped OBO

Versirran crayboth **sealed** $6 shipped **SOLD**

Shining Pheyden **sealed** $20 shipped

Neo Wave Pheyden $20 shipped (Not Pictured)

Spectre Armorvor *sealed** $25 shipped **SOLD**

Urballim Callgrim **sealed** $15 shipped (Not Pictured)

Dark Voss Callgrim **sealed** $15 shipped (Not Pictured)