View Poll Results: What are the Essential VARIANTS of MOTUC in the All Star Years?

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  • Flying Fist He-Man

    58 43.28%
  • Terror Claws He-Man

    69 51.49%
  • Laser Light Skeletor

    33 24.63%
  • Laser Power He-Man

    34 25.37%
  • Buzzsaw Hordak

    25 18.66%
  • Starburst She-Ra

    46 34.33%
  • Scratchin' Sound Catra

    25 18.66%
  • Shower Power Catra

    28 20.90%
  • New Adventures Skeletor

    77 57.46%
  • Battle Blade Skeletor

    10 7.46%
  • Disks of Doom Skeletor

    24 17.91%
  • Battle Punch He-Man

    4 2.99%
  • Hook 'Em Flogg

    7 5.22%
  • Missle Armor Flipshot

    3 2.24%
  • Spin Fist Hydron

    5 3.73%
  • Thunder Punch He-Man (New Adventures)

    6 4.48%
  • Too Tall Hoove

    5 3.73%
  • Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms

    4 2.99%
  • Sky Strike Stratos

    6 4.48%
  • Snake Armor He-Man

    49 36.57%
  • Battle Armor He-Man (200X)

    6 4.48%
  • Battle Armor Skeletor (200X)

    5 3.73%
  • Shield Strike He-Man

    3 2.24%
  • Wolf Armor He-Man

    8 5.97%
  • Snake Armor Skeletor

    5 3.73%
  • Snake Teela

    21 15.67%
  • Battle Sound Skeletor

    7 5.22%
  • Fire Armor Skeletor

    13 9.70%
  • Ice Armor Skeletor

    9 6.72%
  • Ice Armor He-Man

    33 24.63%
  • Jungle Attack He-Man

    7 5.22%
  • King Hssss (200X)

    43 32.09%
  • Sorceress (200X)

    64 47.76%
  • Martial Arts He-Man

    1 0.75%
  • Other (please explain)

    27 20.15%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What are the Essential VARIANTS of MOTUC in the All Star Years?

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    Heroic Warrior King Tamusk's Avatar
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    What are the Essential VARIANTS of MOTUC in the All Star Years?

    There are quite a few variants out there left to be made, from the vintage lines, 200X, and even some cartoon versions. So I'll try to cover as many as I can. Which one do you want in MOTUC?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I didn't have the room for all the vintage variants (those 200X variants take up a huge chunk and I didn't even get them all). But, I'd also like New Adventures Sorceress, Snake Mekaneck, Blue Outfit Prince Adam, Battleground Marlena, Captain Randor, Filmation Count Marzo, Filmation Tung Lasher, Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn or Young Evil-Lyn, Gray, and Slime Monster He-Man.

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    Hollywood Warrior InspectorZartan's Avatar
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    I like the variants and I hope the line can continue for years to come so we can get some of these, but in an "All Star Year" I would say none of the variants are "Essential" especially when stacked up against new unique characters. It was good to mix variants in when the line was focused on being able to have a strong line up year after year, but now that the focus is on getting out the "All Stars" I think that means variants go on the back burner.

    So my vote is "None". But if I was to vote for one variant I would want to see above all others included in my Classics collection I would choose NA Skeletor. But again, my real hope is that the line continue into 2016 and beyond so we can see all of these make it into our collections--they are just not essential in an "All Star Year" when there are so many characters missing and factions under-represented.

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    Vintage Vintage Vintage Vlcan's Avatar
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    Well the 1st five on your list for sure. Then I also voted for Snake Armor He-Man & 200x Sorceress.

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    Heroic Warrior jzachery's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Honestly I'm done with variants. The only two that could be justified in my mind is Filmation Hordak and NA Skeletor.

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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    Not on the list.....But I feel essential for my collection, if made.

    Filmation Hordak, a much better looking Hordak, in my opinion, never had the Vintage Hordak, this is the true version I recognize as Hordak.
    Filmation Clawful, a unique look, completely different from the Vintage toy.

    Variants I would rather see main Vintage MOTU & POP figures made before, but would love to get eventually.

    On the list....I voted for.
    Flying Fist He-Man
    Recent.... HATMOTU Beast Man & Evil Seed
    Wanted.... Filmation Mer-Man, Teela & Sorceress
    Needed.... MOTUC Lord Masque

    Oh man, did I forget to use these [sarcasm][/sarcasm] again? Sorry....

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    Evil Horde Poison Master! Mr_Yuck's Avatar
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    I put in my vote for the following:

    Flying Fist He-Man
    Terror Claws Skeletor
    NA Skeletor
    Starburst She-Ra

    I also voted "Other" as I'd love to see a vintage Catra done as "Pre-Horde" Catra variant
    Most wanted: Starburst She-ra, Lodar, Vintage Toy Catra, Lady Slither, and the Great Black Wizard!

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    President of Primus Ornclown's Avatar
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    The Tri-Solar System

    -Flying Fist He-Man

    -Terror Claws Skeletor

    -Laser Light Skeletor

    -Laser Power He-Man

    And of course, Disks of Doom NA Skeletor!! I loved the "second season" version of Skeletor from New Adventures! Oh, and Snake Armor (200X) He-Man is also a must!
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    Flying Fist He-Man
    Terror Claws He-Man
    New Adventures Skeletor
    Snake Armor He-Man
    Ice Armor He-Man (200x)
    King Hssss (200X)
    Captain Randor (200x)
    Teela 2.0 (200x)
    Adam (200x)
    Skeleton-Warriors, Ra-Jar, Spinwit, Rock Golem, General Tartaran, Hawke, Slob-Boar, King Agho, Hunga the Harpy, Sh'gora, Masks of Power Demons, Nocturna, Lizzor, Sagitar, Crimson Fury, Lodar, Vizar, Angast, Negator, King Miro, Melaktha, Crystal-Man, ABC Giants, Stridor, Road Ripper, Land Shark

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Other for NONE of them. No more variants until other figures are released. I could do without any of them.

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    Heroic Warrior Micro-Man's Avatar
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    I only voted for a few: Starburst She-Ra, Shower Power Catra, Disks of Doom Skeletor (As the default NA variant) and my personal favorite...

    Terror Claws Skeletor!

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    In disguise! Barbecue17's Avatar
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    I voted for Starburst She-Ra, NA Skeletor, and 200x Sorceress.

    SB She-Ra because I agree with some others who have suggested she could be the "New Adventures era" She-Ra that ties into the bio story.

    NA Skeletor because he represents an actual change in Skeletor's physical appearance and composition.

    And 200x Sorceress because she seems like she could be released as an earlier character from the Preternia era or the years inbetween then and the present.
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    Heroic Warrior wyldman11's Avatar
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    Other for a 200x or filmation styled Teela

    200x Sorceress (not likely to happen with how many didn't like her costume)

    Ice Armor He-man
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    Heroic Warrior Rodster6's Avatar
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    NA Skeletor as he has some relevance. The others are pointless.

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    Fake Impostor Non-Fan pH6's Avatar
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    'Variant' is a bit misleading for some of my choices...I've been saying for years that they should make Hook'em Brakk and Too-Tall Hoove as the primary (and seeing how much NA gets represented), and only release for those figures. Especially for Brakk it's basically a matter of an extra accessory...and Too-Tall Hoove is much closer to the concept art than the first vintage Hoove.
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    Heroic Rock Warrior jdscissorhands's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by jzachery View Post
    Honestly I'm done with variants. The only two that could be justified in my mind is Filmation Hordak and NA Skeletor.
    Agreed! Apart from NA Skeletor (to display along the mutants) and Filmation Hordak (hopefully released with Imp), I don't think we need that many variants ...

    Surely it would be nice to see Snake Teela, 200X Hisss, 200X Sorceress or a Catra variant, but I don't consider them essentials to the line right now. With so many POP, NA or Filmation characters yet to be made, I think that they should slow down on characters variants for now...
    10 Most needed items for MOTUC...

    Heroic: King Miro / Prince Dakon
    Evil: Skeleteen
    POP: King Micah / Twiggets 3 pack
    Horde: Hunga the Harpy
    POG: Oracle
    Rock People: Granita
    NA: Sebrian / Sagitar

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    Guardian of Grayskull zodak74's Avatar
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    My "other" vote would have to be for Classic Toy Costume Catra.

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    Yuengling danielsan52's Avatar
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    I want Mini-Comic Tri-Klops, Mini-comic Trap Jaw, and Secret Liquid of Life Teela

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    Snappy Threader
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    Ice Armor He-Man
    Flying Fists he-Man
    Terror Claws Skeletor
    Shower Power Catra
    Starburst She-Ra
    New Adventurs Skeletor

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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Flying Fists He-Man, Terror Claws Skeletor, Hurricane Hordak, New Adventures Skeletor, Snake Armour He-Man, Battle Sound Skeletor and Sorceress.
    Most Wanted MOTU Classics:

    *200X ~ WMD Roboto/Sorceress *Filmation ~ Teela' Na/Hawke *Play-Sets ~ Eternia/Crystal Castle *Vehicles ~ Land Shark/Roton *Beasts ~ Stridor/Dragoon

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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    I love variants, but didn't vote for all if these. In the Other category, I'd like these: DC Adam, minicomic Trap Jaw, Alcala Stratos, Old Man Marzo, Spirit (technically), old Randor (Search for Keldor), old Marlena, Filmation colors Hordak, red Beast Man, blonde up-do Teela (and red hair down!)...
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    Rebel Jubilation's Avatar
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    I voted other as I don't feel any of the variants left are essential. I'd rather have characters that haven't been done already.

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    Heroic Master of 200X MegaGearMax's Avatar
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    I voted:

    Flying Fist He-Man
    Terror Claws Skeletor
    New Adventures Skeletor
    Battle Blade Skeletor/Disks of Doom Skeletor
    Snake Armor He-Man
    Ice Armor He-Man
    King Hssss (200X)
    Sorceress (200X)

    I can see Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms's gray armor being included in a Weapon's Pack.

    There are a host of other variants that I'd want.

    Blue Vest Adam
    Mini-Comic Tri-Klops
    Green Trap Jaw
    Red Beast Man
    Caucasian Stratos
    Orange Ram Man
    Orange Roboto
    200X Teela
    200X Adam
    200X Adora (as if she would have been introduced in MYP)
    Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn
    200X Randor
    Battle Armor Randor
    Captain Randor
    200X Marlena
    Battle Armor Marlena
    WMD Roboto with his 200X guns
    Anwat Gar Sy-Klone (with 200X helmet, darker colors and shoulder rings)
    The General (Rattlor with 200X armor)
    Filmation He-Man vs Skeletor two pack
    Filmation Teela with alternate Blonde Hair up and tiara
    Filmation Marzo
    Filmation Evilseed
    Filmation Hordak with Imp
    Filmation Clawful
    Filmation Evil-Lyn
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    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Voted, mostly for any and all female variants- better choices for customizing!

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    proudly outatime JoeyCruel's Avatar
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    I voted other because I need more Adams!
    The comic version:

    And the 200x version:
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