View Poll Results: What are the Essential VARIANTS of MOTUC in the All Star Years?

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  • Flying Fist He-Man

    58 43.28%
  • Terror Claws He-Man

    69 51.49%
  • Laser Light Skeletor

    33 24.63%
  • Laser Power He-Man

    34 25.37%
  • Buzzsaw Hordak

    25 18.66%
  • Starburst She-Ra

    46 34.33%
  • Scratchin' Sound Catra

    25 18.66%
  • Shower Power Catra

    28 20.90%
  • New Adventures Skeletor

    77 57.46%
  • Battle Blade Skeletor

    10 7.46%
  • Disks of Doom Skeletor

    24 17.91%
  • Battle Punch He-Man

    4 2.99%
  • Hook 'Em Flogg

    7 5.22%
  • Missle Armor Flipshot

    3 2.24%
  • Spin Fist Hydron

    5 3.73%
  • Thunder Punch He-Man (New Adventures)

    6 4.48%
  • Too Tall Hoove

    5 3.73%
  • Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms

    4 2.99%
  • Sky Strike Stratos

    6 4.48%
  • Snake Armor He-Man

    49 36.57%
  • Battle Armor He-Man (200X)

    6 4.48%
  • Battle Armor Skeletor (200X)

    5 3.73%
  • Shield Strike He-Man

    3 2.24%
  • Wolf Armor He-Man

    8 5.97%
  • Snake Armor Skeletor

    5 3.73%
  • Snake Teela

    21 15.67%
  • Battle Sound Skeletor

    7 5.22%
  • Fire Armor Skeletor

    13 9.70%
  • Ice Armor Skeletor

    9 6.72%
  • Ice Armor He-Man

    33 24.63%
  • Jungle Attack He-Man

    7 5.22%
  • King Hssss (200X)

    43 32.09%
  • Sorceress (200X)

    64 47.76%
  • Martial Arts He-Man

    1 0.75%
  • Other (please explain)

    27 20.15%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What are the Essential VARIANTS of MOTUC in the All Star Years?

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    Evil Apologist of Mattel Count Marzo's Avatar
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    Worthwhile variants remaining that I voted for:

    Flying Fists He-Man
    Terror Claws Skeletor
    Starburst She-Ra
    New Adventures Skeletor
    Snake Armor He-Man
    200x Sorceress

    There are also a few others that I'd be happy to get but don't know if everyone else would. Like Fire Armor Skeletor and Ice Armor He-Man are the coolest of the many 200x variants that teh lien OD'd on.

    MGM listed a bunch of others that I'd like as well that aren't on this poll.
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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    you didnt list my top two (possibly only) variants i want.
    Filmation Hordak & Classic Toy Catra

    Hordak would have a new toon accurate headsculpt and catra would have the toy design and colours but the fur would be sculpted not "real" fur

    frankly ive wanted these two more than any other variant since prince adam adora and keldor. and probably battle armour he-man

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    Evil Sorcerer! Pravus Prime's Avatar
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    Terror Claws He-man?

    I'd love more minicomic figures, but of the remaining main character varients, Ice Armor Skeletor and NA Skeletor (DoD/BB hybrid) would be my top two.
    Great Black Wizard figure please!

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    Hungry for Hunga! Scorpia's Avatar
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    Filmation Hordak and Disks of Doom Skeletor are the only variants I need.
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    Shezar in MOTUC please! The All American's Avatar
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    "Disco" Re-deco Skeletor needs to be on there

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    HeroicUniter PrinceAdam101's Avatar
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    I may be in a minority, but FILMATION TEELA is a simple variant that I would really, REALLY love to see get inclusion.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    None from the list. I'd have voted for Terror Claws Skeletor had he been on the list. But others that would be essential to me (again, not on the list) are minicomic (mercenary) Tri-Klops, minicomic (alternative dimension) Trap Jaw, and minicomic (Alcala) Stratos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jzachery View Post
    Honestly I'm done with variants. The only two that could be justified in my mind is Filmation Hordak and NA Skeletor.
    these were my votes as well>

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    Heroic Warrior skeletorous's Avatar
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    I'd think Evil lyn 200x is a must have and possibly a 200x Teela head. Def a King Hisss..

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    Weekend Warrior DrPAYNE's Avatar
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    I definitely want NA Skeletor, Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor, and Laser He-man & Skeletor. I pretty much just want what existed in the vintage line. Buzzsaw Hordak looks so much like the first Hordak, I don't really care if we don't get him, I would much rather get a Filmation Hordak with swappable arms and attachments.

    I definitely DO NOT want any of the lame 200X He-Man & Skeletor variants nor do I want any 200X versions of characters we already have.

    As for the other POP and NA variants, I would only want them if we had already gotten all the other POP and NA figures and those were the only ones left, and I seriously doubt that will ever happen.
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    \_(ツ)_/ Arkangel's Avatar
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    Thunder Punch He-Man (New Adventures) this one is basically NA he-man on roids

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jul 2009
    -Filmation Teela (Tla 2.0)
    -Snake Armor He-Man
    -200X Sorceress
    -200X King Hssss
    -Captain Randor (200X)
    -Skeletor's "Terror" Claws (in a weapons pack)
    -Any variation of Horde Trooper (Seaman, Airman, battle damaged, whatever)

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    Heroic Warrior
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    TC Skelli, NA Skelli, SA He-Man and a 200x King Hiss to improve the snake form...

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    Heroic Master of Cats Judeh Simon's Avatar
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    Filmation Hordak and NA Skeletor are the only "needed" figures at this point.
    Top wants: 3 main Twiggets, Red Knight, Granita, Hunga the Harpy, Dylamug, Vultak, Enchantress, Kothos, General Tataran, Evil Seed (Filmation), Masque, Sybiline (pack-in Gorgon), Melaktha, Despara, toy Catra, Master Sebrian, Andros, Sorceress NA comic, Kex Queen, Lodar, Green trap Jaw, Pink tri-Klops, pale monkey feet Stratos, Orange Ram man, Pale Man e Faces

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    Cheap Repaint FAKER II's Avatar
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    From your list

    Flying Fist He-Man
    Terror Claws He-Man
    Laser Light Skeletor
    Laser Power He-Man (w/ alternate Dolph Lundgren head)
    Disks of Doom Skeletor
    Snake Armor He-Man

    Not on list

    Hordak (Filmation colors)
    Faker (Leo version)
    Man at Arms (vintage toy colors)
    Teela (vintage toy colors)

    ...and my most wanted variant:

    Mer Man (vintage toy version)

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    Heroic Warrior swind15's Avatar
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    200X King Hsss and Sorceress for me. Plus Filmation Skeletor and Teela are musts.

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    200X Teela and Adam are musts for me with NA Skeletor and Snake Armor He-Man.
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