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Thread: Weapons, Armor and parts for sale! All $1, $2 or $3!!! Will ship worldwide!

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    Weapons, Armor and parts 4 sale! All $1, $2 or $3! Or trade 4 Skeletors spin blade!!!

    Thanks for looking! I will also trade for Spin Blade Skeletors spin blade! And of course the more you buy the better of a deal I'll give you!

    WP Mer-Man Trident $2
    WP Mer-Man armor $2
    WP Mer-Man sword $2
    Mer-Man vintage head $3
    BP She-Ra cape $3
    BP She-Ra head dress $2
    BP She-Ra bubble blaster $2
    BP She-Ra shield $3
    WP Blue shield $1
    WP Randor Gold spear $3
    Captain Glenn space helmet $3
    Captain Glenn pistol w/ holster $3
    Captain Glenn head $3
    He-Man head without hair $3
    WP Clawful mace x2 $2 each
    Tri-Klops armor (Slight damage) $1
    Vykron shin guards $3 for the set
    Vykron helmet/hair $3
    WP Clawful shield $3
    WP Teela snake armor $3
    WP Teela sword $3
    WP Teela snake staff $3
    Regular Skeletor Armor $3
    WP Stratos jet pack/armor $2
    Prince Adam half sword $2
    WP blue Evil-Lyn shield $3
    WP Moss Man mace $1
    He-Man/King Grayskull axe x3 $2
    He-Man/King Grayskull shield x3 $2
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