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Thread: FS/Trade Frosta/Dekker/Netossa/Filmation Randor etc.

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    FS/Trade Frosta/Dekker/Netossa/Filmation Randor etc.

    I'm selling the MOTUC Frosta, Dekker, Netossa and "Filmation" King Randor figures - all MOC and in the white mailer boxes - as well as opened, but complete Jewelstar and Starla MOTUC figures. $65.00 shipped to US, for the lot.

    OR... will trade them (the Frosta, Dekker, Netossa and Filmation Randor MOC figures; and the opened, complete Jewelstar and Starla figures) for a MOC Megator. The arm broke on my Megator this past year, plus I want a second body to put the zombie head on, so he can be a new/separate character "Moleb".

    * Also, I received Buzz-Off (MOC, in white mailer box, but with a slight brown mark on the face, which looks like it could be scraped off) as my "free figure" from the Frosta sale. I would like to trade with someone who received a Sy-Klone, as my subscription Sy-Klone figure arrived with a weird red "scar" on its chin. I would even trade for just a Sy-Klone head (as long as the paint is OK), if someone wants to keep the body for a custom or something.

    Please send a PM if you are interested.

    Thank you.

    ne jabba no badda!

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    Would you sell just Frosta? And if so how much? She can be loose since it will go to my 4 year old who loves She-Ra.

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    sent a pm your way

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