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Thread: FS: my duplicate Filmation Sub (oops)

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    FS: my duplicate Filmation Sub (oops)

    I've accidentally ordered an extra Filmation sub, so if you were thinking of getting one before the order window closes, let me know if you'd like to buy mine. I'm selling it for my cost as billed from Matty (figure + tax + shipping), and I'll ship it on my dime (in the U.S.) to you once all 6 figures have arrived. My last few single-order figures have been coming in at $36.99 total, so $221.94 for the whole six-figure sub.

    If they combine the duplicate order with my first one, my pass-through cost to you would be figure + tax + incremental shipping over what just one order would have been, so it might come in a little less than the numbers above.

    If you are outside the U.S., I'll pay for the shipping costs up to what I could send it cross-country in the U.S. if you'll cover the remainder.
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