At the Royal Palace...

Adam: I've been resisting telling Adora about our cousin Lady Edwina for a long time for a reason. You remember what happened the last time she was here, don't you?

Randor: Now Adam, no matter how good or bad a cousin may be, they have every right to know their family. Last time Edwina saw Adora was right before the Horde took her from us.

Teela: For once, your majesty, I agree with Adam. You saw how she tried to use Orko for his magic. She didn't care about the situation Skeletor had us in, she just wanted everything handed to her!

Man At Arms: Now Teela, the King is right.

Teela: But what if the Horde attacks the Rebellion? If Lady Edwina turns a blind eye to everything, She-Ra will never forgive us!

Marlena: That's a risk we must take. If I know She-Ra, she will understand that Edwina is family.

Adam: Very well. I will contact her, and I will ask her to meet me outside the Palace.

Randor: Yes, please. She is still unwelcome inside the Palace.

Awhile later, outside the Palace...

Edwina: You've found your sister? I remember when you two were babies. I didn't think I'd ever see her again!

Adam: The Sorceress can help us get to Etheria. I will get a Wind Raider ready, and we'll head to Castle Grayskull.

Meanwhile, on Etheria...

Adora: I don't understand why Adam didn't tell me about my cousin Lady Edwina. I've heard about Jeremy, and am hoping to meet him sometime.

Bow: How did you find out about Lady Edwina?

Adora: On my recent visit to Eternia, my mother and father were talking about her. What they said about her wasn't favorable, maybe that's why Adam never mentioned her.

Glimmer: Let's just hope that she won't cause any trouble here if Adam brings her here.

Meanwhile, at the Fright Zone...

Hordak: It's going to take weeks for Modulok to finish the time machine. I plan to go back in time and find out exactly what events lead to He-Man coming to Etheria and giving Force Captain Adora that sword that caused her to betray the Horde. Just think, if we change history to where He-Man never comes to Etheria, we'll come back to the present, and Adora will still be serving us.

Catra: But will having her back be enough? Remember, She-Ra has since become a problem for us!

Hordak: Adora will know what to do about that muscle bound woman! In the meantime, we're going to continue to make life miserable for the Rebellion!

Back at Whispering Woods, Adam and Lady Edwina walk through the portal

Adam: We're here. This is Etheria.

Lady Edwina: Such a beautiful place.

Adam: Beautiful, yes, but the Horde rules this planet.

Lady Edwina: I still remember them. The army that Skeletor was with when I was a kid.

Adora: Adam! Good to see you.

Adam: Adora, meet our cousin, Lady Edwina.

Lady Edwina: Why, I remember when you were little. My have you grown!

Adora: Good to meet you, Lady Edwina.

Lady Edwina: But of course it's good to meet me. Everyone on Eternia is in awe over my presence!

Edwina goes to explore the woods

Adam: Now you see why I never told you about her.

Adora: I know what you mean, brother. We better keep an eye on her.

Adam: Agreed.

Awhile later, Madam Razz is flying her broom into the woods

Lady Edwina: What's that?

Bow: It's Madam Razz. She's probably going to crash into a tree, like always!

Lady Edwina: I better get away from the trees, I don't want any leaves falling and getting all over my dress!

Glimmer: (whispering to the twins) I'm already beginning to not like her.

Adam: (whispering back to Glimmer) Now you know why none of you had heard about her until recently. I tried to resist introducing her to Adora for a long time because of this.

Madam crashes into a tree

Madam: The Horde is planning on altering history. And what a coincidence, that history involves you, Adam.

Lady Edwina: Is that old machine planning on making the Royal Family more accepting of others regardless of how they are?

Adam: This is no time for jokes, Edwina. Tell us, what is Hordak planning?

Madam: Modulok is building a time machine. Hordak wants to go back in the past and see to it that the events that lead to He-Man coming to Etheria and helping Adora to find out who she really is never happen.

Adora: And that would mean I continue to serve the Horde. I will not allow history to be altered to where I'm still believing Hordak's and Shadow Weaver's lies.

Lady Edwina: Is everyone done? Because I want to see what sources of power exist on this planet.

Adam: Lady Edwina, you stay here.

Adora: I will get some rebels to come to the Fright Zone with us, and I'll ask someone to stay behind to keep an eye on Lady Edwina.

Glimmer: Maybe we should bring her to Castle Bright Moon. My mother will hopefully be able to keep her out of trouble.

Adora: Very well. Adam and I will go to find help.

Awhile later, after having transformed, the twins meet Bow and Glimmer at Bright Moon.

Lady Edwina: He-Man! But who is this woman with you?

She-Ra: My name is She-Ra. I suggest you stay out of trouble while you are here. I've heard of your reputation.

Bow: Let's get going, we have to destroy that time machine before history is altered and we're defeated by the Horde once and for all.

Awhile later, the heroes get to the Fright Zone, Hordak sees them on the screen

Hordak: She-Ra, He-Man, and a few rebels.

Catra: What are they doing here?

Shadow Weaver: No matter, I will send some shadow creatures for them to deal with.

Meanwhile, outside...

Bow and Glimmer are riding in a Wind Raider that Man At Arms had built for the rebels, He-Man and She-Ra are riding on Swift Wind

She-Ra: Shadow Weaver obviously sent us some friends.

Bow: He-Man, would this Wind Raider be able to shoot them away?

He-Man: No, but if we get the shadow creatures to bump into each other, they'll disappear.

Bow navigates the Wind Raider to get two shadow creatures to crash into each other. He-Man, She-Ra, and Swift Wind do the same.

He-Man: Now to get inside and find that time machine. Bow, Glimmer, keep the troopers busy, we'll find the time machine and destroy it.

Inside, a few troopers confront Bow and Glimmer

Trooper: What brings you rebels here?

Bow: We're just here to make sure everything stays the way it is.

Glimmer shoots beams at the Troopers, putting propellers on their backs, making them fly

Trooper: What the? Get me down from here!

Meanwhile, at Bright Moon...

Queen Angella: Has anyone seen our guest?

Guard: She was here a minute ago.

Angella: He-Man was telling me she does whatever she can to gain more power and magic. Please look for her, I can't have her wandering around here alone.

Moments later, a guard overhears Edwina talking to herself about using the castle's magic for her own gain. He leaves slowly, then warns Angella

Angella: That woman can't be trusted. I don't know how Adora and Adam ended up being her cousins, because she is nothing like them.

Guard: Nor was King Randor's brother, Keldor.

Angella: Let's hope everyone gets back soon. She is no longer welcome in the Kingdom of Bright Moon.

Meanwhile, back at the Fright Zone, Glimmer and Bow have met up with He-Man and She-Ra

She-Ra: We're near Modulok's lab.

He-Man: Let's get going

Trooper: (Still suspended in air from the propeller) Get us down from here! Get us the **** down from here!

He-Man: Watch your mechanical tongue, you metal bucket!

He-Man and She-Ra bust into Modulok's lab, to be met by Mantena, Grizzlor, and Catra.

Catra: Hordak was prepared for the possibility that you might find out about the time machine, She-Ra. You two won't stop us. He-Man, you won't know of us, and you, She-Ra, will have to deal with Adora! He-Man can tell you about that.

She-Ra and Glimmer double team Catra, while He-Man takes care of Grizzlor and Bow shoots an arrow under Mantena. The arrow produces water, causing Mantena to slip and fall.

She-Ra: And now for the time machine.

Modulok and Hordak walk in

Hordak: Not so fast, you miserable losers!

He-Man: We'll see who's miserable when you find out that you're unable to alter history!

Modulok goes after the heroes, She-Ra lifts him and throws him into Hordak

She-Ra: OK, now's our chance!

Both He-Man and She-Ra smash the time machine to pieces after hitting it a few times

Bow: Looks like Modulok has a mess on his hands.

The heroes exit, Hordak looks at Modulok

Hordak: See what you have done? Everytime you invent something that's supposed to help me, you let She-Ra **** it up!

Modulok: I wouldn't have made that damn thing if you hadn't been so greedy about altering history!

Awhile later, at the Whispering Woods...

She-Ra: I'm glad we got that taken care of. And speaking of taking care of problems, Adora got word of what you had said about using the power of Bright Moon for your own amusement, Lady Edwina. You are not welcome here on Etheria anymore until you can change your ways. I'm sure you've heard that before.

Adam: Yes she has. I would like to apologize on behalf of all of Eternia for my cousin's behavior.

She-Ra: No need to apologize, Adam.

The siblings embrace

Adam: There's the portal. Lady Edwina, let's get going now. Bye She-Ra.

She-Ra: Goodbye Adam.

After they leave...

Swift Wind: I almost don't believe she is your cousin. I know you served the Horde once, but you did it under a spell. This woman is self centered.

She-Ra: Yes, Swift Wind. But remember what my father had told Adam and I about his brother Keldor.

Swift Wind: You're right. I'm just glad history will never be altered.

She-Ra: So am I, Swift Wind. I can continue my destiny of freeing Etheria.