Hey Guys,

So I had been waiting years for my nephew to get to the age where MOTUC toys would be right for him. He finally hit that age this year and for xmas I gave him He-man battlecat and the 5 dollor best of dvd that had 20 episodes on it. It was a HIT. He's loving MOTU and I'm really excited. I however didn't really think ahead and his mom texted me today asking me where I get these because he wants more. I know they don't have a lot of money and sending her to Matty where they are $27 plus shipping I know is not going to go over well. Anyway I decided to check here and see if anyone has a few extra figures they'd be willing to sell for a reasonable price. I'd prefer MOC but even loose would probably be ok for those more expensive figures. Probably needs to be $20 or less per figure. I already have an extra Skeletor from my collection i'm going to give him but I'd like to find the core characters first but really any cheap figure would be welcome.