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Thread: Have you slowed or stopped collecting MOTUC? Official Mattel poll!

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    Have you slowed or stopped collecting MOTUC? Official Mattel poll!

    For those of you who still purchase MOTUC with the same passion with which you started, you don't need to read any further.

    But if you're a fan who has cut back on your MOTUC purchases, or if you have ceased purchasing MOTUC altogether, Mattel's own Scott Neitlich wants to know why. So Scott sent this official poll to get your feedback!

    The poll below has various options to find out your top reason for slowing or ceasing your MOTUC purchases. Please click here to vote today! This poll is open to everyone and will run until 11:59pm EST on Friday, February 1st. Thank you for participating!

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    "Why don't you support the line" main page poll discussion?

    There's an official poll from Matty asking fans why they don't support the line anymore, and I'm not seeing a thread allowing us to talk about it. Those who do support the line need not reply, but I'm curious as to what people voted for.

    I went with "Other - No one takes responsibility for poor figure designs, and I won't support the line until fan input is taken BEFORE a figure is released with its inevitable mistakes."

    Here's the LINK to the poll
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    Despite having a sub this year, and maybe next, just to get the few big hitters I may want....I am a picker, I am not a completist, and I only want what I want, I can't buy something I don't like for the sake of owning it. The 2013 figures I don't want I'll be selling, or just handing to my son. No other line I have ever collected has almost required you to be a completist. That all being said, I love the line, and even the figures I don't personally like are still nicely sculpted figures.

    Mostly the figure prices are what drove me into the sub, $25 is my cap for MOTUC basic figures....the DOS figures figures are not essential unless they are needed figures of mine, which really numbers 4 more, and likely most of those 4 will be in the sub eventually, but I may be willing to buy a couple more outside that if I really love them.

    But if something were to happen and prices increased again, I'd be out, I'd buy my last 4, and be done. I get inflation, and materials, and even the labor, but that doesn't change I have no more money to want to give the figures over $25. the $10 USPS shipping for 7 - 11 days is horrible considering it's not really USPS and they're paying an outside carrier to zig zag crap all over the country before it gets to me, the USPS only gets it once it's in your nearest neighborhood. UPS is way too much for lower numbers of figures.

    Honestly I will support the line so long as the price is in my budget, and really, it's almost to the point where it is. I want the line to stay as it is, I see no need to change anything, because nothing you will do except deco cuts and accessory drops will cause any significant price drops....and I refuse to buy an expensive collector's figure in a Ziplock brand new direct from the retail source, it's one thing buying a loose figure from Ebay, it's already used and I expect certain things, but brand new...hell no. Plus, it's something I rarely if ever do I own 3 (once Wun-Dar gets here) bought loose figures, and 2 were because I didn't want to pay for the whole set just to get the figure I wanted. And packaging will not cause the price decrease anyone thinks, only cutting tooling and deco will do that, and that is something no one wants.

    But for me at the moment I do support the line, I subbed, but I also supported the line before buy buying DOS....I bought 20 figures (out of the 31 figures / sets) from 2012 & the WP#3. I would have bought the Snakemen set, but couldn't at the time, same with Mosquitor, Granamyr took all my money.... That's the most from any year I own, so yeah I think I supported the line in 2012 just fine, sub or not.

    2012 was actually a great year for MOTUC. But damn was it expensive.
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    No poll can have every option one could want, and kudos for including an OTHER with a line to write in, but that said my problem is Character Selection, but not "I have all I want", it's that they are making ins I don't want as opposed to ones I do. I hear very few people say "because I have all the ones I want" - yet that is often bandied about by Scott as one of the CYA things he can point to when it does end so as not to lay the blame in all the myriad of other directions he has influence on.

    Like the recent cost thread Scott started, based on prior experience I cannot help but feel this is more a way to CYA than a true effort to help us as fans positively, but I sincerely hope that I am wrong and there is some altruistic purpose.

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    I voted "shipping costs", but that and the higher prices stopped me from picking up Netossa and the Griffin this month. They will not stop me from getting Fang-man, Snakeface, and Octavia though, because they look to be worth the higher price.

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    I voted 'NOT ENOUGH POP characters'. Which is true. I'd be buying more figures if there were more POP characters!
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    I won't buy another sub in 2014, got 2 this year, not happy but just fine with the character selection.

    There's no motivation for me to deal with matty again, I only need around 8 must have characters to complete my collection and I think, I'll get some of those this year, so I'll buy the remaining figures on secondary market next year...

    The buying experience on matty is just awful, so I won't have to deal with missing shipments or wrong adresses again, when I buy from online dealer or on secondary market, where the figures are already at hand. I gladly pay more money for less problems.

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    First post here, registered and posted after i wrote an essay at another toy-related board on pretty much the same topic and had someone recommend i post it here. The referring board (who's name i won't mention in fear of the ban hammer) has said for years that He-Man, in this fashion, is a scam. When we use a word as broad as "scam" Matty and his supporters dismiss us out of hand. After a buddy of mine went to a comic con with the intention of buying He Man stuff and failing to find anything to his liking, i decided what Matty was doing was was best described with the more specific term "multi level marketing". How many He Man toys are sold by Matty to people who will open them up and put them on the shelf? How many are sold to Joe Scalper who is going to mark them up and sell them to someone else? Is Matty in the business of selling toys to collectors or in the business of selling toys to someone who will sell them to someone else? "But what's the difference between selling them to Joe Scalper and selling them to Wal Mart?" Wal Mart would want to buy them by the shipload, mark them up a little, and make it up in volume, the long game. Matty wants money NOW NOW NOW, so he creates a artificial scarcity at, subscription services, logjammed ordering systems, etc. Joe Scalper buys them by the case (not the shipload) directly from Matty, marks them up huge, people think there's a demand. Joe Scalper sells them for $40, his buyer tries to sell them for $50. Wasn't there a scalper caught on film at San Deigo comic con buying a case from matty's booth then announcing as he walked away, "I'm taking these to my booth, you want one, $40 a pop!" Playing the short game is a bad idea. This may make money for Matty and Joe Scalper in the short term, but eventually they'll **** off enough people that nothing gets sold and, SURPRISE, there's a "market correction", and they end up at Wal Mart anyway. 1359230295427.jpg Then Matty has to patch it up with retailers and consumers and his bargaining position will be highly dubious. Furthermore, i was buying plenty of the 2002 He Man figures when they were $10 ish, i even bought Orko, but ZERO of the 03-04 (?) staction figures @ $20 a pop, and that's when gas was $1.50/gal and unemployment was 4%. I'm not made of money and even when i *was* made of money, that didn't mean i wanted to blow it on an inferior, expensive product. Last He-man product i purchased was a loose Two Bad from the 2002 line at the same con my pal left with nothing. Before that was Supergirl/She-Ra 2 pack at TRU, on sale, and i had to twist arms for that. The sale was over but they left shelf tag with the more reasonable sale price and i refused to pay full price. Before that? Set the wayback machine to 2003-ish, i found some of the MOTU vs Snake Men at a close out retailer.

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    I was a big collector, i had almost every figure, but im just a cherry picker now, for a UK collector to pay $40 plus customs of $20 per figure its beyond a joke, and when i got DB Skeletor and his paint was flaking off i just threw him at the wall, and if im not collecting them all i just want 10-15 characters i had as a kid so ive sold the rest off.

    Such a shame because i love fisto so much, what an awesome figure, then they produce some drivel decisions like black pastic with flakey paint, and demand more money, nah, not for me.

    I hope the line stays alive though, for the collectors who want it.

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    I'm still 100% on board.
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    I’m cherry picking. Of all the revealed 2013 figures so far, I only want 6 of them. At this point, I have to really want a MOTUC figure pretty bad to shell out for it. Otherwise, I could get more bang for my buck collecting new Transformers and Star Wars or buying old 80’s toys I want.
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    What about the poor attitude of Mattel and the Brand Manager when it comes to acknowledging mistakes or even in terms of answering fan questions? I know this has turned A LOT of people off.

    Also, after this years sub ends, I'm out. I might cherry pick the figures I really want, but I'll never get another sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    I'm still 100% on board.
    Same here and hopefully for a few more years.

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    I think I missed this poll, so I'll just post why I don't collect as much as I used to:

    I bought 2 subs during the start for the 1/2 year and first full year. Once there were beasts and variants added to the sub, I dropped one sub but continued to buy 1 extra of everything except for the variants. So I still basically had 2 subs, but I eliminated buying variants by buying one on sale days.

    Now, this year, the price has exceeded the worth of these figures. Tell me all you want about the price of figures at retail, but they also don't have a $10 shipping charge added as well, which really makes these $30 figures. The increased prices has eliminated my day of sales purchases now, so now I just have 1 sub.

    I'm a little disappointed not getting the second collection, but my saving money makes me a lot happier.
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