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Thread: Have you slowed or stopped collecting MOTUC? Official Mattel poll!

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    I have, though to be fair, I have on pretty toy collecting in general. Economy reasons for me. I'd still get a treat once in a while though, so put me down for "slowed".

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    Since my sons were born, I enjoyed playing with my old vintage toys with them. There came a point around 2008 when I was wishing for articulated versions - so much more fun! And then, by happy coincidence, it happened.

    I've cherry picked since Beastman 2008 & never held a sub. I'm not a completist & refused to buy into that. As a boy, my interest in MOTU was slowly waning when the Horde came out and was going even moreso when the Snake-Men were made. I never bothered with the last wave of figures (e.g. Extendar, Squeeeze etc.).

    Now that most of the figures I had a nostalgic connection with are done, there's little left to buy. I'm looking forward to Mantenna, but moreso Ram-Man, Jitsu, (& hopefully Dragstor & Modulock).

    I did get a few "non-nostalgic" characters, like Marzo (& soon Shokoti), because I enjoyed the Filmation & 200x toons, but not enough to get lots of them, especially the likes of the Griffon.

    The other main reason for my personal slow-down (reflected in my now minimal participation at the .Org) is that I got bored. The shared-parts makes an, even medium sized, collection look very uniform. I no longer feel the pleasure I used to, seeing them all on the shelf - so I've taken them down. Though I might have bought a Castle a few years ago, I'm just not that bothered now.

    The "blastic" decision was really awful, but thankfully didn't affect anything I wanted. Some design choices put me off buying some figures too, like the goofy headed Clawful & blunt Spikor.

    That said, I've never had a QC problem.

    Furthermore, the bios are awful & the comics are mostly pretty bad, story-wise. The best art-work I see is fan based. So there's nothing there to engage my mind or aesthetic tastes.

    Once I've got my hand-full of remaining favourites, I'll be putting my money into the Star Wars "Black Line".
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    You just lost a subscription today.
    Due to the lack of customer service from both mattycollector and DR.
    I have contacted DR several times.
    I have posted 2xs on mattycollector forums.
    Just to change an address and no one can do this!?
    So instead of being charged additional fowarding charges on my packages i have blocked these charges.
    I have taken the steps as an individual to ensure all my billing and shipping information was changed and as an organization you are unable to do thid.
    Also, i have filled a complaint against mattycollector and DR with my CC company and will also be filling a compaint against both with the BBB.
    Rather than making "offical polls" take the time to ensure your business is able to perform simple tasks.
    This is the poorest excuse of CS i have ever experienced.
    When 2014 comes u will not receive my money then either!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    I'm still 100% on board.
    Same here and hopefully for a few more years.

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    I think I missed this poll, so I'll just post why I don't collect as much as I used to:

    I bought 2 subs during the start for the 1/2 year and first full year. Once there were beasts and variants added to the sub, I dropped one sub but continued to buy 1 extra of everything except for the variants. So I still basically had 2 subs, but I eliminated buying variants by buying one on sale days.

    Now, this year, the price has exceeded the worth of these figures. Tell me all you want about the price of figures at retail, but they also don't have a $10 shipping charge added as well, which really makes these $30 figures. The increased prices has eliminated my day of sales purchases now, so now I just have 1 sub.

    I'm a little disappointed not getting the second collection, but my saving money makes me a lot happier.
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    -Getting poor quality plastic (Mosquitor´s gummy hands I cant move without bring afraid of broken them) or black plastic figures for an elevated price is a good reason for buy for buying less...



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    Though I went from 3 subs, to 2 subs, to 1 sub (this year), I will NEVER cancel my subscription. I buy extras of the figures I want to open or display differently due to extra heads/accessories.

    I have been in since day one, and I consider MOTUC to be one of the BEST toy lines on the market today. I suppose I have "slowed" a bit considering my original subscriptions, but my love for this line gets stronger by the day.
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    Still doing 2 subs. One to open and one to keep MIB. This is my favorite toyline from my childhood. I'm so happy and ecstatic to even have these figures. I'll keep collecting them until they close the doors on production.
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