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Thread: Someone BIG will be revealed at NYTF!

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    Someone BIG will be revealed at NYTF!

    Holy Crap!!!!

    It appears that fans want more PoP!

    Are you aware of this thread over on the .org?!!!

    It is a tally of most anticipated figures leading up to NYTF. 1126 votes have been cast so far, and here are the Top 10 (as of post# 180):

    1). Mantenna
    2). Two-Bad
    3). Scorpia
    4). Horde Trooper
    5). Tung Lashor
    6). Glimmer
    7). Modulok
    8). Madame Razz/Broom
    9). Mermista
    10). Castaspella

    With 3/10 coming from the PoP toyline, another 4/10 appearing in the MOTU toyline BUT the PoP FILMation toon, and another 2/10 being FILMation PoP characters, that only leaves 1/10 (Two-Bad) being straight up vintage with no connection to PoP.

    Any chance that the rest of 2013 and 2014 will help satiate these pollsters appetites?

    I'll confirm at least one of the figures on this list will be shown at Toy Fair!
    Who could it be?!!!!

    Er, could a mod change the title to "Major News! Someone BIG will be revealed at NYTF!"? Two-Bad and Tung Lashor change it from being all POP oriented.
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