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Thread: Hi 5 Sports Stars-MOTU/Sun Man Inspired Line?

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    Hi 5 Sports Stars-MOTU/Sun Man Inspired Line?

    Recently picked up the a complete carded and unpunched collection of the 80's ('87?) released Hi 5 Sports Stars by I believe the Eboneen Company. This is a 6 figures series of black action figures, each one sporting a different uniform for their respective sport (no pun intended).

    I think they look awesome especially each of their uniforms and accessories witch fit into their hand/wrist on a peg so they can appear to carry them. You can see the peg on the basketball figure has come out from the figures wrist. The Track and Filed figures baton has also come loose from his had and now floats around in his bubble.

    Anyone have any different or more info on these guys? Id love to learn more about them.

    The six figures are creatively named below. The card back are all the same, however two of my six are upside down compared to the front of the card. I found that very strange and unique. Just adds to the classic KO fun.

    1. Mr. Basketball
    2. Mr. Baseball
    3. Mr. Football
    4. Mr. Track & Field
    5. The "Champ"
    6. Mr. "E" Wrestler

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