Ironically enough, I came across this on MLK Jr's birthday. I am the corporate environmental consultant for Greyhound Bus Lines. About a year ago they moved locations in Memphis, TN and we are going to tear down the old building and do some soil/water remediation. Anyways, I was there this past week doing some drilling. I went looking around in the basement and came across this old bathroom door. They tried to cover it up but it says "White Women". You can see where they tried to cover it up. They had built a wall like structure with that metal grate, in a way I guess that grate protected the door. The building I think has been there since the 1940s. Back during segregation of course white and black people had to use different water fountains, bathrooms, etc. The whole thing baffles me and it is hard to believe what used to go on. Seeing this door really gave me an odd feeling.

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