View Poll Results: Pre-NYTF Top 10 Figure Preference

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  • Mantenna

    13 14.29%
  • Scorpia

    6 6.59%
  • Two-Bad

    14 15.38%
  • Horde Troopers

    5 5.49%
  • Tung Lashor

    8 8.79%
  • Glimmer

    14 15.38%
  • Modulok

    5 5.49%
  • Madame Razz/Broom

    7 7.69%
  • Mermista

    6 6.59%
  • Castaspella

    13 14.29%
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Thread: Pre-NYTF Top 10 Figure Preference

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    Pre-NYTF Top 10 Figure Preference

    I'm looking forward (as most are) to the NYTF as Mattel will reveal new figures for 2013. How many they'll show i have no idea but the point of this poll is for a bit of fun only.

    Taking into account @yodafreakmaster's thread re: Your Most Wanted List and the results tallied so far (which mind you is on-going of course) and Toy Guru's admission of sorts that one of the characters listed in the Top 10 will be revealed at the NYTF, i thought i'd do a poll to see which one you'd prefer...

    Choices are:

    * Mantenna
    * Scorpia
    * Two Bad
    * Horde Troopers
    * Tung Lashor
    * Glimmer
    * Modulok
    * Madame Razz/Broom
    * Mermista
    * Castaspella

    The Top 10 could obviously change at any time and by no means is this a definitive list but it is current so that's what i'll go by here. Personally i'd gladly take any one the Top 10 but to be honest i have been voting for Modulok in the Idol LoL. So, who would you like to see come NYTF... ?
    Most Wanted MOTU Classics:

    *MotU ~ Multi-Bot/Tung Lashor *PoP ~ Angella/Mermista *200X ~ Roboto/Calix *Filmation ~ Teela Na/Lord Masque
    *Play-Sets ~ Snake Mountain/Fright Zone *Vehicles ~ Roton/Land Shark *Beasts ~ Night Stalker/Stridor

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    It's a great top 10 and I would hope to see all of them released sooner rather than later. For me though Glimmer is the most essential to her faction of the characters listed so she gets my vote.

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    It's a toss-up between Tung Lashor and Two Bad, but I went with Tung Lashor. He's my favourite Snakeman because he looks like an evil poisonous frog
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    I only have 4 left I really need or want

    Castaspella if done right, is right there at the top.

    Mantenna and Two-Bad are next.
    Recent.... Arrow, Tung Lashor & Bow
    Coming.... Mermista
    Wanted.... NA She-Ra, Double Mischief, Jitsu....
    Needed.... Dragstor

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    My vote goes to Mermista.
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    Vintage evil for me...Two-Bad.
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    All great characters, but Mantenna would be so great! I loved my Vibtage figure; Dad bought him for me after running my Endor Han Solo over with the lawnmower.
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    Poor Mermista myself and only other voted for her

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    My vote goes to Castaspella...I'd like to see her made sooner than later. The rest could be used to make 2014 look like the best year to get a sub!

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    I voted for Mermista, too. You have to think that Mantenna, Two-Bad, Tung Lashor, the Horde Trooper, and probably even Modulok are coming eventually in 2014, if not later this year, but Mermista would be a welcome surprise, especially since her tail (and the extra tooling that would require) might normally make her more of a long shot.

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    Hmmm...I wonder who I voted for...

    While I really dont think we are going to get her this year, I could never vote for anyone else!

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    glimmer as she is who i need most of that list. gotta have my pop trinity.

    but really any would thrill me. glad to see a pop vote cause glimmer and castaspella are top two wants since she ra and bow (and adora)

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    Snappy Threader
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    Tung Lashor gets my vote....Horde...Snake Men.....coolest vintage fig, coolest staction....

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    The REAL Mo-Larr yodafreakmaster's Avatar
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    Mantenna is my #1, but Two Badd is a CLOSE second. I would gladly have any of the top 10 in our poll results so BRING THEM ON MATTEL

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    Even though I am sure she will eventually get made, I voted for Glimmer.

    She-Ra without Glimmer is like He-Man without Man-at-Arms....
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    Oh deary my, how can Madame Razz only have 1 vote...MY vote?!

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