I'm looking forward (as most are) to the NYTF as Mattel will reveal new figures for 2013. How many they'll show i have no idea but the point of this poll is for a bit of fun only.

Taking into account @yodafreakmaster's thread re: Your Most Wanted List and the results tallied so far (which mind you is on-going of course) and Toy Guru's admission of sorts that one of the characters listed in the Top 10 will be revealed at the NYTF, i thought i'd do a poll to see which one you'd prefer...

Choices are:

* Mantenna
* Scorpia
* Two Bad
* Horde Troopers
* Tung Lashor
* Glimmer
* Modulok
* Madame Razz/Broom
* Mermista
* Castaspella

The Top 10 could obviously change at any time and by no means is this a definitive list but it is current so that's what i'll go by here. Personally i'd gladly take any one the Top 10 but to be honest i have been voting for Modulok in the Idol LoL. So, who would you like to see come NYTF... ?