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Thread: What Makes MOTU/POP fans Special?

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    What Makes MOTU/POP fans Special?

    Hi there...
    So I was thinking. What makes the fans of MOTU/POP special? How does our passion differ from other niche passions?
    I have a theory:
    For one, I think it is interesting that the vast majority of fans are in their 30's. For the most part, those into MOTU/POP remember it fondly as children- and that seems to be a small couple-of-year window.
    Also, I believe that the children who were drawn to MOTU/POP are especially creative. This could be due in part to the characters that were given to us. They were simple. Primal. There was no accepted cannon, so we all, I believe, made up our own 'play worlds.'
    This creativity (and artistic motivation) stayed with us throughout our lives.
    For example, I'll use the Gooble crew as a study:
    Val: Professional comic artist
    Danielle: TV host, writer, actor, hilarious
    Eamon: Professional artist
    Dan: Video toy review host (and pro-wrestler, don't forget that!)
    So yeah,
    What do you think? Are MOTU/POP fans more inclined to be amazing people than fans of other niches?
    Or am I just thinking too hard?
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