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    Force Captain Lizzz Ard Custom Action Figure

    Here is my latest Custom MOTU Classics figure from my "Revocation Spell" Concept Series. I hope you all like him, he is the second figure I have made so far.

    FIGURE #2 in the Revocation Spell Series

    The worlds of He-Man and She-Ra are thrown into chaos when Shadow Weaver casts a Revocation Spell that re-writes history…. After the defection of Force Captain Keledor to the Great Rebellion, Queen Shadow Weaver searched the Horde Planet Eternia to find another ruthless enough to lead the Horde armies into battle. It was in the recesses of Subternia that she found Lizzz Ard, a dethroned King of the House of Quartas. Lizzz Ard possesses superior strength, agility, and a molten core that allows him to breathe and manifest fire at will. His deadly abilities are what the evil Eternian ruler Prince Adam needs to finally conquer the only planet in the galaxy not ruled by the Horde...Etheria. With this conquest, Adam will officially be named King of Eternia by his father, Hordak, the new Horde Prime!

    This figure is created using a Preternia He-Man buck; lizard Eternian Guard head; Horde symbol from Horde Prime's cape; sculpted elements using "Green Stuff"; Axe and Shield from Vikor, and scythe weapon from a weapons pack. Primed, painted, and sealed with Plaid, Citadel and Tamiya paint products. It is housed in a Zoloworld case with custom packaging utilizing custom graphics.
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