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Thread: What do you do about THAT person?

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    What do you do about THAT person?

    You know those people that just seem to make everything more difficult? I have one of those, and each day it gets a little worse. I like my job, and the people I work with are an energetic, helpful, friendly group. However, there is this 1 girl who is a clone of a crazy, miserable, useless girl who I cut out of my life a long time ago. It only took me a few hours to notice the similarities between them. I nearly made the mistake of calling her by this other girls name.

    She is your typical, immature, miserable, mid twenties girl. She whines constantly about every little thing the job entails, like if the phone rings too much, or someone around her is speaking too loudly. She cannot finish a shift without stating "I hate ....." 3-7 times, which is usually followed up with an "eeeewww". "I hate Subway", "I hate bananas" "I hate people", and after several conversations beginning with or ending with "I hate" came the hilarious "I don't know why I'm single". She jumps at every opportunity to correct someone when they are wrong, but fails to step up and help when things are busy, and there are tasks to be completed that require a little consideration for others coworkers.

    She is also an "internet kid" and during her downtime, she constantly reads blogs, Icanhazcheeseburger and all that other mindless meme filth on the internet, which she is compelled to share with everyone. She talks in 'baby talk' when she likes something, and makes vomiting noises when she doesn't like something. Which to date is about 20 things. She also loves to complain about her room mate, whom she hates. At first, I felt bad for her, but then after getting to know her, I sincerely doubt her roommate is that bad. If anything, the poor girl is probably tortured on a daily basis. A typical day with her, would probably be similar to a day with a socially inept, selfish 14 year old with serious anger issues. I want to poor cement in her mouth, just to make her shut up.

    I feign interest in her, because having 0 conversation with her would be awkward, but speaking with her is just like listening to a gull. The problem is, she does her job effectively, and is pleasant to our clients. We all have personal quirks, dislikes and ways of expressing ourselves, but if I could record her, and play her to any of you, you'd understand. She is also sweet to upper management, so its just the staff that interact with her that have to listen to her constant misery. They just see a friendly, productive employee.

    So what's the best way to approach this issue?
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