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    Loose figures that must go

    Hello everyone,
    I have the following items available that I need to trade/sell as soon as possible.

    Mekaneck with front armor, some paint wear
    Ram Man - ax, no silver on arm bands
    Spikor with weapon, left leg is broken off but available and right leg is broken
    Webstor with armor, no grappling hook or line in back; front armor has a broken tab, still holds

    Eternia Battle Tram (bare, no wheels/accessories/windshield or stickers)
    Hordak - armor only, bat on back and armor stripes are black
    Hordak - head has paint wear, armor has a broken clasp, still holds - also has black bat on back and black armor stripes
    Grizzlor - no armor

    Dragon Walker head - non-functional
    Spydor legs (2)
    Gwildor - no accessories, paint rub on face

    My full trade list is available at and my want list is

    I know that none of these are in great shape so I'm not looking for anything significant but these items have to go.
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