Here is what I have. My full trade list is at http://www.metrocast.net/~tylerm23/Trade.htm and my want list is at http://www.metrocast.net/~tylerm23/Wanted.htm

I know the conditions on the figures are not great so I'm not looking for a lot and these items must go.

Marvel Legends End Hulk (opened card but figure was not removed - could be resealed for display purposes)
Marvel Legends Doc Samson (opened card but figure was not removed - could be resealed for display purposes)
Loose Marvel Legends Blade (no sunglasses, minor white spot on kickstand (plastic stress mark)
Loose Marvel Legends 2-pack Ultimate Cap (with extra head only, no other accessories)
BAF Apocalypse midsection, black; 2 BAF Blob leg (Yellowjacket piece), BAF Blob leg (Xorn piece), pink Annihilus arm (X3 Beast piece), BAF Giant Man Arm section (Sentry piece), BAF Brood Queen body and arms (Marvel Girl, Colossus and Hydra pieces)
Heads for Tony Stark, Maria Hill and Sharon Carter - 2x for Tony, the others are the standard light ones from the regular Iron Man pack.
DCUC Stripe Chest piece and right leg
Fantastic Four Classics Super-Skrull, clear variant

Vintage Marvel
All action features working unless noted

Marvel Superheroes
Multi-poseable Spider-Man (has instruction cardback half)
Black costume Daredevil - complete with instruction cardback half

Apocalypse I - cables are broken off, otherwise complete
Storm I - has lightening bolt accessory, no longer lights up, has card back (both halves)
Gambit I - complete
Banshee - complete, whistle is untested, has some paint wear around belt, cape has paint wear and is not fully attached on right wrist
Beast I - complete with instructions and cardback half
Sabretooth I - complete
Wolverine II - complete, left arm is glued in straight position
Storm II - lightening bolt is broken in half, no longer lights up
Rogue I - complete with cardback (both halves)
Magneto II - complete, no longer sparks (may spark after repeated tries though)
Wolverine - 8th edition (space Wolverine), complete with regular cardback
Warpath I - complete

Spider-Woman - purple costume, solid webbing
Kingpin's Crime Central - playset, missing some pieces (hook, line and handles for a blaster) and stickers. Have a scan of the stickersheet available.

Vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Lieutenant Leo - Complete and in good shape. The only part that is in rough shape is his flag sticker, which is worn on one side a bit, and is coming a bit apart at the seam where it joins the halves together.
Night Ninja Rocksteady - Complete and in good shape. Includes instructions, mutation chart and product guide.
Krang - missing left tentacle and end curve on right tentacle. Comes with walker (missing the right hand)
Krang's Walker (bare, no windshield or other parts)
Toilet Taxi - Complete (to my knowledge), back stickers are peeling a bit but still on.
Party Tube - missing net holder strap (replaced with Velcro(R) One-Wrap(R)) - otherwise complete

Vintage Batman

Ninja Robin - complete
Two Face - Toy Biz DC line - complete
Batman Returns Catwoman - whip is not in original condition, otherwise good
Batman Returns Penguin - two of the clips on his umbrella holder are broken; can no longer be clipped onto figure's arm. Umbrella pole is slightly bent.
Deep Dive Batman - complete