everyone has found their nich in the world, even if it doesn't pay, and you haven't?

I'm big into the turtles franchise. Started one of the worlds first and biggest websites in 1996, even before the official site was around. through google searches, had some of the first voice actor exclusive interviews, contacted lots of show staff for interviews, etc. Eventually, that faded away when others came up with bigger, and badder contacts, and able to do more than I ever did.

Now, I see people creating documentaries based on the history of the franchises, one of my friends travels the country doing 'cowabunga corner', using her contacts to get into Nickelodeon, and other places to do interviews.

Just about everyone I know has found a way to expand their love of something into a REAL opportunity. Wether it be meeting your favorite actors, having fun filming people at conventions, or just getting out of the house living.
Not so much on this end. The one thing I DID come up with, my own comic series (with potential for animated series) has gotten stalled due to the fact I can't find an artist who will either get back to me, or has free time to help develop it. and thus begins the endless cycle of 'how can I evolve to the next level'....

just curious if anyone else feels the same way of watching people you know succeed, and here you are stuck in a rut..While it's nice to see other people gaining a foothold, you can't help but feel a little jealous thinking "That's what I'D like to be doing.."

can't be the only one.