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Thread: Starburst She-Ra: Figure or Attire?

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    Starburst She-Ra: Figure or Attire?

    This is to vote for whether you would rather have Starburst She-Ra released as a figure, or the Starburst She-Ra accessories released in a weapons pack.

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    I've voted "FIGURE", simply because this is their one shot at putting out a Classic Toy Costume She-Ra figure with the swirl chest design, with removable Starburst She-Ra elements. They could even put it in her bio that this is her "NA" costume... you know, the whole Starburst power and all that...
    In lieu of the same old shield and sword, I would like to see a pair of newly tooled weapons- essentially the Four Horsemen's shot at throwing in Filmation specific weapons for She-Ra, since she was always calling out "Sword To Rope!", "Sword To Helmet!", etc. in the show and transforming the Sword Of Protection into various other things.
    But, if that's asking too much, this would also be a chance to toss in that old overused shield, but this time in silver to better match the Sword Of Protection.
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    WITH the "toy design" bodice, belt and skirt (and BP She-Ra's detailed gauntlets and boots).

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    Figure, certainly!!!

    I too want her to come with the ability to display her Starburst and Vintage Toy looks; I'd buy two for that alone! Toss in both capes, her Vintage sword, silver shield, and voila! I'm a happy camper. I hope this figure comes sooner than later.
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    Yeah, they could give us the pieces in a weapons pack, BUT with the figure it could be a terrific way to get a toy accurate bodice and styling in addition to the Starburst pieces.

    So I voted "FIGURE".
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    Just echoing what everyone else is saying: Figure, because it's a perfect way to work in the old toy design. EVERY time I see that design it just looked so much more interesting, and I REALLY wana see it. I never had any She-Ra figures, but we've got a perfect He-Man from the original line without any plain filmation-ness, so I think we deserve a She-Ra that at least homages the toy as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAdam101 View Post
    Yeah, they could give us the pieces in a weapons pack, BUT with the figure it could be a terrific way to get a toy accurate bodice and styling in addition to the Starburst pieces.

    So I voted "FIGURE".

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