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Thread: WTB : Scareglow HEAD + FULL ARMS -[---WILL PAY $$$$---]-

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    WTB : Scareglow HEAD + FULL ARMS -[---WILL PAY $$$$---]-


    I am looking for the following scareglow parts in "any condition but must be original not mold replicas" from the MOTUC Scareglow figure...

    Full Right and left arm
    - [must be "FULL ARMS" shoulder + drum down to the hands]

    I would also buy an entire upper torso OR MORE of an incomplete scareglow figure or PART of the above items "even from a lose/damaged scareglow AS LONG AS -> the parts I needed were intact an undamaged themselves"!

    This is for a Custom Figure.

    If ANYONE has any or all of these listed parts PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    [Updated list]

    I now only need the following Scareglow parts...

    Full Right Arm
    Full Left Arm
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