US Buyers/Traders ONLY please. $$$ transactions via PayPal marked as gift ONLY.

I have a bunch of loose stuff I am looking to clear out. I seem unable to load more than a couple of pictures at a time here, so if you need to see anything specific let me know and I'll email you pics.

Please note the descriptions carefully. Not all pieces for each figure are included and I've made the best effort to note what is missing.

Loose Skeletor FROM MO-LARR SET (good condition, loose left ankle... comes with toothless head, 4 dentist accessories, NO ARMOR, NO FLOSS)

Vykron pieces: "Tank Top" chest harness, head, boots and forearm pieces, gun; "Space Ace" harness, jetpack, boots, forearm pieces, gun, helmet; "Barbarian" chest harness, boots, hairpiece/helmet (PLEASE NOTE: there is NO actual Vykron head nor body included!)

Queen Marlena's removable dress (has several small silver paint marks on it) & royal staff

The Goddess' head, snake armor & shield

Bubble Power She-Ra's shield

Mattel's Power-Con Exclusive Fused-Together Keldor Swords (NOT IN POLYBAG!)

If interested in anything (or all of it), please hit me up with offers!
Tradewise, I am interested in Snake Men Guards, the Weapons Pak 3 Horde Prime Staff, Star Sisters MIB, or feel free to let me know what other MOTUC stuff you might have for trading.

Thanks, and again- if you need pics let me know and I'll email them to you