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Thread: Evil lyn/ Teela Filmation/2000x???

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    Heroic Warrior skeletorous's Avatar
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    Evil lyn/ Teela Filmation/2000x???

    After the dissapointment with Battle Ground Evil-Lyn and still no rerelease of Teela Im just wondering if at this point, with limits becouse of subs sales being low if these guys will show up/ get a make-over 2.0.

    Toyguru did mention a while back that Evil-lyn would get a full 2000x make over as was very demanded. But what of the Filmation Version or Teela??

    I would like to see these figures get some more love but doubt we will get them.
    What say you? Do people still want these?

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    Alcala Idolator Crusader's Avatar
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    I'd rather have a blonde mini-comic Teela that doens't reuse BG Teela's head.
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    OH.... HELL.... YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

    I want to see both Filmation Evil-Lyn & 200X Cloak & Dagger Evil-Lyn to be made in classics ! They deserve to be a part in this line. Maybe even a 200X "Teen" Rebel Evil-Lyn way down the line at some point. But that should be the end of Evil-Lyn variants for good !


    I want both Filmation Teela (2.0) & 200X "Teen" Teela !!! Yes, the variants gate is more open towards Teela like the NA version, But Filmation & 200X variants are a MUST !!
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    I don't see Filmation Evil Lyn as very necessary since the Battleground Evil Lyn seems like a more detailed concept of that variant. As the 200X EL is a different outfit altogether, I could see them doing one of her and we'd all buy it gladly.

    However, I would love to see FILMATION TEELA and 200X TEELA. The Classics Teela is great but I can't make a decent Filmation Teela out of her. Her skin is too tan for bright red hair, plus the head is somewhat wrong when you compare the two.
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    More girls. Definitely need more girls.

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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    I'm content with the Teela's and Evil-Lyn's we have for now. Would rather see the PoP girls first.
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    Heroic Master of 200X MegaGearMax's Avatar
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    Both 2000x and Filmation versions of Evil-Lyn and Teela.

    I'm all for a Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn.

    200X Teela is best as a teenage female buck that works best with a 200X Adam.

    I'd get Filmation Evil-Lyn and Teela too.

    If they include a mini-comic blonde hair up head with Filmation Teela, then Mattel can kill two birds with one stone!
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    Heroic Warrior DC_WARLORD's Avatar
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    I reeeeeeeeally want FILMATION versions of EVIL LYN and TEELA.

    And I would love if EVIL LYN came with a second, non helmeted head.
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    Heroic Warrior Nekk-ra's Avatar
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    I would love to get a PROPER 200x Evil-lyn before the line is done. I would also like a Filmation Teela, and I would have no problem with her coming with the blonde Alcala head.

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    2 of each is plenty.

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    Heroic Warrior King Tamusk's Avatar
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    If we're going to get another Teela or Evil-Lyn variant, let it be something completely different than what we already have, like Magestra (Filmation Evil-Lyn disguise) or Siren (200X Evil-Lyn disguise). At least that way it is very visually different than the typical Evil-Lyn and also is fun, because she was always appearing in disguise. Maybe one of these could come with an non-helmeted head with the white hair and yellow skin. Snake Teela (200X) or Brunette Teela in yellow costume (mini-comics) would be visually different too. Then just throw in a second head with the Filmation hair or 200X pontytail that can work with the Teela we already have. I'd rather have these variants than a full on Filmation or 200X version of the same character, because I think the MOTUC basic versions are close enough. Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn would be pushing it, but even that would be better if it came with her winter cloak and maybe even a younger head. That way the younger head can be placed on BG Evil-Lyn and posed alongside Keldor. A Filmation version of Evil-Lyn would be one I'd want, only because it has the Caucasian skin tone and different colors on the costume. But, this is simply a redeco and probably is best if offered as a traveling convention item. Maybe they could add in a second head with her helmet off and sporting her Filmation white buzz-cut/faux hawk haircut and a black cape. Filmation Teela is just too close to what we already have. That's why I suggested her Filmation hair head come with a previously mentioned variant instead.

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    Heroic Warrior Rodster6's Avatar
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    Please no more variants, I don't need Teela and Evil-Lynn in a dozen different outfits.

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    Heroic Warrior Mad Scientist's Avatar
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    I am OK with each version of Teela and Evil Lynn. If they make a new version they will use the new female body and I really don't like it. There are a lot of cool new characters that don't have a figure and there are a lot of vintage characters left and also there are a few characters that deserve a variant like 200x King Hiss 200x Roboto and also Filmation Hordak.

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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    If they were to do a Teela 2.0 I would love to see a more Filmation look, but maybe done with removable parts, so you could have both a Vintage 2.0 and a Filmation look. I wouldn't mind an Evil-Lyn done the same way, Filmation / 200X swappable parts, since her Vintage figure is fine the way it is.

    But Teela is Teela, I don't see the need for a teen version of her, and likely she would be the exact same only with a new head....Classicizer and all. Evil-Lyn however would be the most different, her 200X outfit was almost completely different, and even put through the Classicizer, she would still have differences. I like BGEL, but she was a waste honestly, if they couldn't accomplish a true 200X or Filmation at the time, they should have waited, now, we have a cop out so they can say "we already did that version of her".
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    I would like to see a 200X Teela because that version is different enough from the existing Teela to be worth a SKU to me. Honestly, I'd just like to be able to have another Teela. BG Teela doesn't strike me as "Teela" (even though a lot of people here would disagree with me).

    I'm pretty happy with our two versions of Evil-Lyn though. No need to do another version of her.

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    Heroic Warrior wyldman11's Avatar
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    I am fine with the Evil-lyns I have. I wouldn't mind one that was more like the 200x version.

    Teela I would like either a 200x or Filmation version, but I would also just like a red head Teela so.
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    I'm actually really happy with both characters the way I have them (I have the original Teela and Battleground Evil Lynn), but still a 200x version of each would be really cool. Personally I'd want the younger version (with a bio of how she met Skeletor or some such). I really liked the design of Teela from 200x, perfect for year one stories (or to match with a 200x Adam perhaps), saying that I'd really support a snakeman Teela, that would be interesting in the bios and could come with a 'young Teela' head to match the 200x look as mentioned above, Snakemen need a bolstered rank somehow.

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    SoH Supporter He-Dad's Avatar
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    Original Teela and BG Evil Lyn are my definitive versions of both characters. I don't need varients of either one but should they be made, awesome. Hopefully they'll be outta the sub.

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    I only want another Teela
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    Warrior of Evolution 13977's Avatar
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    No, I have enough version of these characters.
    Though a mini-comic blonde hair up Teela head and a 200x Pony tail Teela head would be great heads to pack with another figure
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    Heroic Warrior Slave2Evil_Lyn's Avatar
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    I'm not a variant fan but I'll take as many variants of Evil-Lyn as Mattel wants to give me.

    I think the C&D Evil-Lyn in a 200x inspired outfit would be a great addition to the line. I can live without a Filmation version but would happily buy it if made.

    I would like a Filmation Teela using the new 2.0 female buck with the new pelvis piece made for Octavia. I've always liked the Filmation look for Teela. More red haired Teelas, no more blonde imposter Teelas.
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    Heroic Warrior Donimo's Avatar
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    I only want Snake Teela!

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    Heroic Warrior
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    As far as I'm concerned BGEL is 200x EL and I don't want another.

    200x Teela on the other hand would be very welcome.

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    Heroic Warrior Akai's Avatar
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    I did like the 200X Teela with the long ponytail. The long skirt piece for Evil-Lyn was pretty cool too.

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    Heroic Warrior skeletorous's Avatar
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    Thanks guys for using this thread to discuss , it is really almost 50/50 in favour of or against.
    I do think the best way for Evil-lyn is to combine the Filmation and 200x look in a special pack. Adding in the Filmation head, Cloak and dagger and 200x skirt. Maybe a smaller Crystal ball, as seen in the cartoon. And a mini comic would be cool and help sell.
    As for Teela maybe the same could be applied but with Charger included? Maybe Add a Queen Teela add on and New Sorceress outfit?

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