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Thread: Modern Star Wars figures-Legacy, comic pack, 30th, Clone Wars, TVC, rare ones too!

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    Modern Star Wars figures-Legacy, comic pack, 30th, Clone Wars, TVC, rare ones too!

    Here's the list, organized by line. All figures are loose, complete, unplayed with used for display only. There are some pretty rare figures in here, including comic pack and expanded universe figures. If you have any questions, let me know. I ship 1 figure first class in a bubble mailer, and up to 5 regular sized in a small flat rate box for 5.35. 8 or more figures and I'll ship for free! So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and pictures can be provided.

    Roth-Del Masona vs. Super Battle Droid (target exclusive)-8.00
    Luke Skywalker (resurgence of the Jedi battle pack)-8.00
    Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot)-7.00
    Corran Horn & Whistler (expanded universe, wal-mart exclusive)-30.00 ON HOLD
    Plourr Ilo & Dilr Nup (comic pack, online exclusive)-10.00
    Grand Admiral Thrawn (comic pack)-16.00
    Felucian Warrior (TRU force unleashed battle pack exclusive)-9.00
    Proxy (TRU force unleashed battle pack exclusive)-17.00 ON HOLD
    Biker Scout-7.00
    Sigel Dare (comic pack, expanded universe)-28.00
    Antares Draco (comic pack, expanded universe)-14.00 ON HOLD
    Ganner Krieg (comic pack, expanded universe)-14.00 ON HOLD
    Ysanne Isad (Ent. Earth exclusive comic pack)-8.00
    Saesee Tinn
    Grand Moff Trachta (comic pack)
    Cade Skywalker (comic pack)-12.00
    Agen Kolar-6.00
    Stass Allie bd23-7.00

    30th Anniversary
    Voolvif Monn-17.00
    Rahm Kota (expanded universe, force unleashed)-24.00
    Maris brood (expanded universe, force unleashed)-20.00
    Imperial Evo Trooper (expanded universe, force unleashed)-9.00

    The Clone Wars
    C-3PO (capture of the droids battle pack)-9.00
    Chewbacca CW9 2012-6.00
    Cad Bane & TODO 360 (capture of the droids battle pack)-9.00
    El-Les cw47-6.00
    Sergeant Bric (mail away)-9.00
    Count Dooku cw06-6.00
    Kul Teska (TRU exc.)-14.00
    Cato Parasiti cw37-6.00
    Puko Naga (TRU exc.)-6.00
    Jawas cw8-7.00
    Gen. Grievous (battle damaged vers.) cw10-10.00
    Senate Command Captain (Target exclusive)-12.00
    Eeth koth cw51-9.00
    Mace Windu cw20-6.00
    Commando Droid (target exc)-6.00
    Commando Droid (target exc)-6.00
    Obi-Wan cw40-5.00
    Anakin (space suit) cw07-5.00
    Commander Gree cw09-10.00
    Clone Trooper Hevy cw41-6.00
    Clone Trooper Echo cw17-8.00
    ARF Trooper cw10-6.00
    Captain Rex (mail away)-5.00
    Whorm Loathsoam cw15-6.00
    Ki-Adi-Mundi cw25-6.00
    Ahsoka Tano (w/eyelashes var.) cw26-6.00
    R7-A7 cw43-7.00
    R4-P17 cw30-7.00
    Castas w/speeder-8.00
    Savage Opress (shirtless) cw3-7.00
    Barriss Offee cw50 (no game card)-12.00
    Anti Hailfire Clone Trooper (battle pack exc.)-7.00

    The Vintage Collection
    Bom Vimdim-5.00
    Rebel Fleet Trooper-7.00
    Qui-Gonn Jinn-5.00
    Imperial Commander (target 3-pack exc)-7.00
    Battle Droid (shadows of the dark side)-6.00
    Leia (hoth)-8.00
    darth Sideous-6.00
    Darth Maul vc86-8.00
    Yoda vc20-9.00
    Luke Jedi Knight/Endor captive vc23-9.00
    Darth Vader vc08-9.00
    Zam Wesell vc30-9.00
    Fi-Ek Sirch vc49-7.00
    Han Solo (trench coat) vc62-7.00
    Darth Malgus vc96-22.00
    Death Squad Commander (target exc)-12.00
    Quinlan Vos vc85-6.00
    Bariss Offee vc51-6.00
    Kit Fisto vc29-7.00
    Snowtrooper (Saga Legends SL23)-7.00

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