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Thread: One of my shirts is finally being printed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain View Post
    He has one Mye-Kah B, Check out his redbubble page. you can find it on there.
    Oh wow, ok cool there we go. Thanks!

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    Just ordered the NES Grayskull shirt!

    You know, I have a video project coming up that this shirt will be perfect for...
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    Have you started a site? It is really cool. you can design and upload your own shirt designs, they have tons of shirt variations, male and female. And you can set your own profit margin. I sold my band merch thru them and it was fantastic. Seriously, if u wanna produce shirt designs that u own the copyrights to, it is an awesome way to go. There are other sites that u can design and sell merch, but I think printfection has the most choices in the t-shirt category. Good luck man!
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    Don't want to hi-jack Brad's thread. But if you have a Facebook account, please follow the link to the picture and "like" it. Enough votes, means they will print my Skeletor themed picture!!/
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    Another of my designs was accepted by a 24 hr. shirt site. On the 15th this one will be on Ript apparel.

    It's MotU related too, see the Man at arms helmet?

    Even if you don't want the shirt, if you like my work, you could help me out a lot just by following my Facebook page. The link is in my signature. Thanks!

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