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Thread: Other sword / sorcery action figures that are same scale as MOTUC

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    Other sword / sorcery action figures that are same scale as MOTUC

    Hi everyone, just wondering if you know of any other fantasy-themed action figures that are the same scale as MOTUC figures?

    I am interested in any line that produces skeleton soldiers. I have only heard of Mythic Legions and Army Alphas.

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    Off the top of my head, Thor, Odin, Valkyrie, Thundra, Black Knight, and Skarr from Marvel Legends. Mattel's Dark Knight Returns Batman, Superman, Mutant, and Armored Batman. I think there's supposed to be a Joker and a Wonder Woman at the scale soon. DC Direct did a Warlord figure several years ago. Some of the WWE Create-A-Superstar figures take some fantasy cues. There's really no skeletons that I can think of though. There was a Kickstarter Skeleton Warriors figure, but it wasn't to scale with MOTUC.

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    i THINK there was a Hellboy line that had Skeleton bust-ups that were in scale with MOTUC... ive seen them somewhere on FWOOSH...
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