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I found this posted in a FB group, it seems that Walmart has some up coming Star Wars Black 6" figures listed in their system. I'm not sure if I can post a link but here's this list that was leaked.

Star Wars Black Series 6″ New Listings

• Star Wars Episode III Anakin Skywalker 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569897828
• Star Wars Episode III Obi Wan Kenobi 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569898245
• Star Wars Episode IV Greedo 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569898269
• Star Wars Episode V Luke Bespin 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569898252
• Star Wars Boba Fett 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569897811
• Star Wars Slave Leia 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569897804
• Star Wars Episode IV Han Solo 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569897835
• Star Wars Episode IV Stormtrooper 6″ Action Figure UPC:653569898238

If this is true, I KNEW Boba Fett would get a regular retail release outside of SDCC. No way could he be exlcusive only.

Interesting we're already getting a Luke variant, but I'm ok with that. Bespin Luke is probably my favorite version.

VERY excited about Slave Leia and Greedo.