Since the Mosquitor figure was revealed I've been disappointed in the loss of the staction's blood-tanks, which I thought were a great addition to the character's look. And since then I planned to attach the staction's tanks to the MOTUC figure...
Yesterday I finally had the time to make my plans a reality:

I removed a large bit of the part that connected the tanks to the staction. Then I tried the whole piece on the figure to see how high I wanted to attach it. When I was sure about the position, I drilled two small holes into the tank's base and carefully screwed it onto the back of Skeeter's armour. After I was done I put the hose under the armour on his back to create a "connection" between his chest window and the tanks.

Here's a closer look on how I attached it:
And as you can see the legs on his back are still removable/attachable.

I was thinking about painting the blue parts silver or violet, but decided that the blue was fine. It did work with the stactiopn after all...

Hope you like it as much as I do