I love seeing the love for Madame Razz and Broom. Alas, I don't see Scott making her the SDCC Exclusive this year

They should just do two. It's not like they wouldn't sell if they are characters people want.

Anyway, it would be AMAZING if they did the Rock People as a THREE pack with Granita. I think the 4H are a fan of her... and it would be really nice to see their version of her.

But again, I see Scott using the reaction to the FFM 3-pack as a reason not to make the SDCC exclusive a 3-pack... which isn't necessarily a good reaction... as I think a LOT more people would be willing to buy a 3 pack of the Rock Warriors... why?

1) They are legit characters that appeared in the vintage MOTU line, the mini-comics, AND the Filmation She-Ra Cartoon

2) The 4H could do wonders with the "rock" pieces necessary to give them an action feature

3) This would be a 3-pack OUTSIDE the subscription... and higher ticket items do better for SDCC anyway... Look at the Jem doll that was offered at SDCC last year: $150 and it was GONE before any other exclusive.

I am going to say that it should be the Rock Warriors as a 3pack, but it won't be...

Maybe it will be just Rokkon and Stonedar...

But Scott should slot Granita in as next year's Traveling Con Exclusive, or as an out-of-sub figure.