i have the complete masters of the universe collection from the 2002 line for sale. all figures are loose. i believe all the figures have all their items (weapons, etc etc). if i send you a figure and it is missing a accessory i will ship the accessory, if i have it out, of my own pocket. all the regular figures are $10.00 plus shipping. specialty figures (snake teela, faker, keldor, moss man, etc) are $20.00 plus shipping and handling. i have the merman bust and hordak bust. i'm asking $50 for mer-man. i'm asking $100 for hordak. the hordak bust does have a chip at the top of it (i can provide a pic if need be). the reason i'm asking for $100.00 is because the packaging is signed by the four horsemen. shipping to the U.S. only. money orders only. you can either respond here or pm me. i'm pretty busy at the moment so if i don't get back to you right away, i apologize. but once a deal is made and i've received the money order, your item(s) will be shipped the next day and i will provide you with a tracking number. any questions feel free to pm me on here.