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Thread: Jerry "The King" Lawler WWE Elite Flashback Review

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    Jerry "The King" Lawler WWE Elite Flashback Review

    Finally got around to reviewing the King. I picked this guy up over a month ago, but just got busy and forgot to finish up the review. That's not a slight on the figure itself, although it's far from perfect. Check it out!

    Elite 18 Flashback Jerry The King Lawler Review
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    Love the figure but was totally disappointed he did not come with the AWA, USWA, or WCCW Belt. I mean Vince legally owns all 3 so for an Elite collectors release you would think he could have included at least one of them. I mean especially since he really has never allowed Lawler to hold the WWE Title
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    Great looking figure, I just haven't found him yet. I agree with you Mark, should have included the AWA belt...that would be so cool.

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    Now we can re-create the grudge matches between The King and Andy Kaufman.
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    I'd be down for Lawler vs. Kerry Von Erich from 1988. Too bad there is no belt for them to fight over.
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    I got that figure as a Christmas Gift. Good to finally as The King chilling on my shelf. He's been one of the few consistant things on WWE since I started watching it as a kid, and liked reading his autobiography.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piccolo Daimaoh View Post
    I'd be down for Lawler vs. Kerry Von Erich from 1988. Too bad there is no belt for them to fight over.
    That would be cool. That match was extremely bloody.
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