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Thread: Masters of the Universe: Origin of He-Man - DC Comics - SPOILERS

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    I really didn't like the art style in this issue and didn't really like the story either TBH. They've just taken all the epicness out of He-Man's origin story IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lookie View Post
    I took it similar to someone saying, "Die like the piece of trash you are." Skeletor is saying that because Adam is part alien, he doesn't deserve to live. I think people are wanting POP hooked in more than it actually is. If it makes you feel better, than go ahead and think that way. And yes, I know Despara is in the new issue #1 coming out soon.
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    I liked it. I still dislike King Grayskull as much before, but other than that I liked the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCB View Post
    No he said someone else is using it, refering to Dare. He's said this a couple of times when talking about Dare.
    That's what I though as well. I swear TG mentioned it during his walk through with Dan.

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    I haven't bought comics since the 200X run ended so I was quite surprised when I was in a comic shop yesterday and saw issue #6 on the shelf. I grabbed it and everything else I could find with the exception of issue #1. Since I can't start reading the series without issue #1, I started with the Origin of He-Man. I absolutely LOVED it! I liked the art because it was quite different than what I'm used too. I thought it made Skeletor look perfectly scary and menacing. I'm hoping to find issue #1 today at another comic shop. If not I'll have to look on eBay and pay waaay more than I want to. All in all, it was nice to see MotU back in comic shops!

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