HI! i have this for sell. New Prices. (prices in euros can convert in http://www.convertworld.com)


Merman 8 Back congost 175€

He-man Power Laser 69€

Carro de combate CONGOST C9.9 450€ Very rare first edition.

Doblor 145€

Stridor 195€ Rare in spanish box

He-Man Puño de Trueno. 385€ Hole in the bubble, unpunched spanish hard variation

Dragon Skeletor 285€ Unpunched, hard spanish card.

Dragstor 245€ Resealed, rare in spanish card

King Hiss 245€ Resealed, rare in spanish card

minicomic Spanish 10€

ask for Shipping.

i want too "Made in Spanish" loose, can trade.