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Thread: Wants and Haves

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    Wants and Haves

    Bow, loose preferred, does not need to be complete, or MOC
    Gygor head, might be interested in loose
    Ram man
    Captain Glenn/ Marlena, mostly space Glenn
    Clawful's huge claw, might consider loose Clawful

    3x red King Hssss shield
    Snake man mace
    Palace guard buck with black loin cloth and gray boots
    Palace Guard chest armor inserts only
    Marzo sword
    Vykron space uniform

    Trap Jaw $2
    Kronis $2
    Hordak $2
    Faceless One $3
    Shadowbeast $2
    Demo man $3
    Whiplash $2
    Goddess with headdress $2
    Flipshot, no helmet version $3
    PG Quidian $2
    PG Toy Guru $3

    Snake Man at Arms mace $3

    Count Marzo jewel $2

    Glory bird armor green $2

    BG Evil Lyn scepter top $1

    Weapons Pack:
    Zodac pink staff $1
    Moss man gray club $1

    Weapons Rack:
    silver spear $2 each
    silver halberd $1 each
    small ax red $1 each
    small sword red $1 each
    rack $6

    clawful $2
    PG silver $2 each
    Catra $1
    Chief Carnivus $2

    Grizzlor loin cloth -small cut
    Chief C/Grizzlor legs
    Skeletor legs
    Marzo legs
    Shadowbeast feet and hands
    Faceless One boots

    King Hssss Head
    Gygor buck, no feet, no hands, no head
    Shadow Beast hands, feet, head
    Skeletor legs
    Zodac TRU arms (white gloves)
    Zodac forearms in flesh color
    Skeletor top half of boots, lower half of legs
    Adora legs, arms, no hands
    Grizzlor/Chief Carnivus legs, thighs, forearms

    Thanks, let me know.
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