Planning to put this on ebay this weekend. I have all of the packaging, cards, online code's, etc for these if they are open. They are adult owned in great condition. All of the ones I have opened work just fine. I would take $800.00 shipped + 3% paypal fee for everything if you are in the US which is less than retail.

Spyro's Adventure
Wii Starter Pack with portal, Trigger Happy, Spyro, & Gill Grunt open
TRU Legendary 3 Pack with Spyro, Bash, & Chop Chop open
TRU Legendary Trigger Happy open
Bash, Eruptor, & Chop Chop 3 pack open
Boomer, Voodood, & Prism Break 3 pack open
Ignitor open
Camo sealed
Warnado sealed
Wham-Shell sealed
Dino Rang, Hex, & Zap 3 pack open
Whirlwind, Double Trouble, & Drill Sergeant 3 pack open
Drobot, Flameslinger, & Stump Smash 3 pack open
Sonic Boom, Stealth Elf, & Wrecking Ball 3 pack open
Lightning Rod open
Cynder open
Zook open
Darklight Crypt Adventure pack open
Empire of Ice Adventure Pack open
Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack open
Pirate Seas Adventure Pack open
Sidekicks Whisper Elf open/complete
Sidekicks Terrabite sealed
Sidekicks Trigger Snappy sealed
Sidekicks Gill Runt sealed

Wii Starter Pack with portal, Jet-Vac, Cynder, & Tree Rex sealed
Bouncer sealed
Legendary Bouncer sealed
Crusher sealed
Granite Crusher sealed
Swarm sealed
Hot Head sealed
Thumpback sealed
Eye Brawl sealed
Chill sealed
Fright Rider sealed
Pop Fizz sealed
Flashwing sealed
Sprocket sealed
Bash series 2 sealed
Gill Grunt series 2 sealed
GID Sonic Boom series 2 sealed
Scorpion Striker pack with Hot Dog & series 2 Zap sealed
Dragonfire Cannon with ShroomBoom & series 2 Chop Chop sealed
TRU Legendary 3 pack with Slam-Bam, Jet-Vac, & Ignitor sealed
Lightcore Prism Break sealed
Lightcore Eruptor sealed
Lightcore Drobot sealed
Lightcore Jet-Vac sealed