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Thread: Answers to WTFWTK 2.93!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fright Zone View Post
    Very interested to know what they're doing with the CAC runners up!
    Yep, there were some cool characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKYWARPTNI View Post
    My hope with the CAC figures is that they would let us see them, and then we as fans could vote on 1 that we would like to see as a figure. If they can't show us all of them, then maybe the top 50 or so and let us narrow it down from there. Just a thought.
    I like the fan vote but for a number of practical business reasons, I can't imagine they'll make another figure based on the entries.

    In the end, I'd just like to see all the entries and know who created them. Whether it takes the form of a website, coffee table book, or even a magazine, I'd be happy.

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