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Thread: FS: Vintage MOTU/Commemorative Figures

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    FS: Vintage MOTU/Commemorative Figures

    With the Classics line being so Great, I’ve decided to let some of my Vintage He-Man / She-ra figures go to someone else who may want to give them a good home.
    Willing to ship International but will need to charge for shipping.

    I’m offering up as a lot….
    Hordak ( still has cape)
    Grizzlor (fur is still in good shape)
    Horde Trooper
    Teela (complete with armor and staff)
    Man at Arms ( with club)
    Evil-Lyn ( with wand)
    Ram Man ( spring action still works)
    (Teela,Man at Arms, and Evil-Lyn I believe are the Commemorative figures but not entirely sure on that)
    The rest are definitely from the 80’s and show some paint wear( to be expected after 20 some years,lol)

    Asking $80 shipped in US.
    Also offering…
    Vintage Sorceress ( complete with staff)
    She is in beautiful condition. Minor paint wear but wing action still great.

    Asking $55 ( or will trade for a MOTU Classics Sorceress (original version))
    Have more figures in the Vintage She-Ra Thread.
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