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Thread: Which characters would benefit from energy bursts the most

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    Which characters would benefit from energy bursts the most

    I really love the energy burst we got for Thunder punch heman, and really want to see more of these throughout the line. Alot of characters that already came out were the ones that needed it. But I was wondering who do you think would benefit the most from receiving it as an accessory.

    Characters who already came out
    -Evil lyn
    -Tri clops
    -Count Marzo
    -Shadow Weaver
    -King Hiss

    Characters still to come

    Any other im missing?

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    I think this should be very limited. If every figure that could have an energy effect has one, then it kinda takes the charm away. I think it's a better accessory if it is a limited thing. Giving it to Thunder Punch He-Man made sense, because it visually showed his "action feature" when it was originally an audio thing; meaning the blast caps. What would have normally been just another variant, now has the effect enhancing this figure and giving it something special.

    So, in that regard, I wouldn't want any of the figures on your lists to have effects, except Saurod; since his action feature involved actual sparks.

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    Shadow Weaver
    King Hiss

    figures yet to come that I would love to see come with snap-on energy/magic/water/gas bursts/swirls/etc.
    Madame Razz
    Blast Attak
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    I would really like to see energy bursts for Skeletors Havoc Staff, Tri Klops, Shadow Weaver and Sorceress. Maybe one for He-Ro too.

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    Well considering an energy burst would take up an accessory slot: I think they should be used much in the same way it was used with Thunder Punch He-Man. His action feature couldn't be replicated, but we needed something that brought the thunder, you know? Thunder effect! Perfect. So who else has action features that simply couldn't be replicated, but involve some sort of energy?

    - Saurod: Sparks for the mouth
    - Laser Light He-Man and Skeletor: I doubt they would light up, so an energy sheath for He-Man's sword and a burst for Skeletor's staff would work
    - Castaspella: So far the only thing she has that shows her casting a spell is that disc on her back. I think she would benefit well from skipping weapons and giving her different magical bursts for her hands
    - Blast-Attak: If they don't end up giving us a burst torso, then some sort of blasts that could plug in all over his body would be interesting.
    - Gwildor: He's small, so it would be cool to make up the rest of the space with accessories. Why not a light burst to surround his Cosmic Key?
    - Glimmer: If she only comes with her staff, then I think it would be cool to give her some light bursts for the staff and hands.
    - Snake Armor He-Man: Really needs to have a molded-open mechanical power sword, and an option to at a blast that snaps into the middle of the opening. BUT...that depends on how much is spent on all his new parts and possible shield. I'd rather have the shield than the blast, but it all depends on how the money is shared in whatever year he comes out in.

    That's about it from the top of my head - trying to keep it minimal. Now don't get me wrong; I would love to see blasts for a lot of guys like Tri-Klops and magical bursts for those who cast, but it would cut into the accessory count, and there are other accessories that are more important, sometimes. I would love to see a blast-pak of some sort, but I doubt we'd ever see that. So keeping in mind characters that have no way of showing thier action feature (or characters like Glimmer whose power is mearly mentioned and only shown on the toon), I think the ones above are the most important and/or the ones that work the best without going overboard.
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    I think any character who uses magic should get an energy burst. Having only one figure with one is pretty lame IMO. I Like the way they did the speed force on the new Flash figure and think something like that for He-Man would be sweet.

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    I def think Castaspella and Flutterina would benefit.

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    Shadow Weaver, Sorceress, and Evil Lynn jump out in my mind

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