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    Keeping the packaging?

    From the standpoint of collecting loose figures for display and having limited storage space, how do you all feel about holding onto the opened packaging? What do you guys do with this stuff. I am asking specifically for my Ghostbusters, He-Man, and GIJOE collection. I need Helpful advice because I am ignorant of these things and unable to make an educated guess.
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    I do not keep it. However, sometimes I keep the elastic bands used in the packaging because those can be put to use in some pretty nifty ways.
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    It depends, of course, how much space you actually have. I keep all my packaging -- for now. If you don't have space to keep packaging, you might want to try selling it off (in lots) or trading it off for what else but more figures. I think you can usually find somebody who is looking for packaging. I tossed the packaging for some of my first DOTM deluxes and now I regret it. I would definitely buy them if I see someone is selling them in nice shape at a fraction of the cost of buying another figure of the same.

    The packaging condition also matters. I slice either the top or the bottom of the bubble with an exacto knife. I can then pull out the inner tray with the figure. No damage is done to the cardback. I can even put the figure back in the bubble. The insert will fit tightly in and will usually keep the figure and the accessories from falling out. It is a bit of inconvenience -- especially when you buy as many figures as I do. It has to be done carefully. But packaging that isn't in really good shape is probably not worth hanging on to.
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    American toy packaging now is rarely meant to be saved. You can theoretically save a Monster High box if you very carefully de-box the doll, but good luck ever getting the doll back in it properly. I know people tend to flatten and save the boxes but I just cut them up with the rest of my thin cardboard and mix them in with the cat litter to save money on that. Between cutting up toy and food boxes I really stretch how far that goes.

    Clamshell packaging can be carefully cut open but it's still obviously cut open. Some people will slit the bottom of a blister open to slide the tray out, but some packaging- Transformers, etc- have funny shaped blisters which make that hard. Bratzillaz packaging has to be totally destroyed to get those dolls out. Given the slight but obvious retailer problems of return swapping, I wouldn't be surprised to see more toy packages that have to be mangled and all but destroyed to get the toy out just to prevent people stuffing some old junk back into the box and returning it to the store.

    Japanese toys though tend to come in packages that are meant to be kept- a vacu-formed tray with a lid that slides into a box. We very rarely get this in the US and it's usually for high-priced "collectible" toys. Some retail boxed toys get trays but almost never a lid, just toys held to the tray with rubber bands or ties.

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    The only part of the packaging that I keep are the card backs for my MOTUC figures. The rest of the packaging takes up too much space and I'd rather have that space for more toys.

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    for the most part, i chunk toy packaging. i have a hard enough time keeping my place clutter-free. the boxes and card backs out there don't wow me that much. i may be interested in it when it comes to a new toy line, but the interest always goes away quickly. i rarely ever find myself wanting to look at it later. the only exceptions are gi joe file cards and imported toy boxes.

    i keep the joe file cards from the 25th/30th anniversary line because it was something i had fun reading over and over as a kid. gi joe was the only one where i did this, and i decided to keep the anniversary cards because they were styled the same as the old toys. with lines like transformers or tmnt, i would read the bios before opening them, but i rarely saved them. newer lines don't have anywhere near the same charm as the old ones did, so i don't feel compelled to hold onto them.

    with imported toys, i save the boxes for three reasons: the packaging is much more interesting (partly because the design grabs my attention more, but also because i love looking at non-english text), the packaging is almost always designed to be reused (good luck finding that with american toys), and it's a lot harder to come across the items, so it feels more important that i keep it for posterity.

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    I saved the cardbacks from my 25th anniversary Joes, and I save all the MOTUC cardbacks. (I cut the backs off of the deluxe/oversized figures.) I don't mind keeping on fairly manageable stack of cardboard, but everything else gets tossed or recycled.
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