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    VOLKAN - magmatic warrior of great link - MotUC

    Hi motu friends.

    This is my new (exc not last ) masters of the universe custom; his name is Volkan.

    Volkan is one of the last man of his species.

    He's a surly inhabitant of the hottest gorges of mountain Olympus, the largest volcano of Eternia ( ... ).

    Volkan is one of the last of his people that comes in humanoid form. A long time ago in , magmatic people made ​​a choice: to feed the underground life of the planet becoming magma, merging their minds in a single vast sentient body: the Great Link

    But a terrible conflict broke out just before the "big melt" a few individuals led by the mighty Calix, decided that the "the Great Link" was not the right choice for them and rebelled violently.

    These individuals preferred to abandon their magma form, to assume an humanoid form.

    Volkan is one of the few faithful guardians of the Great Link, chosen to protect the sea of ​​magma into the largest cave into the Olympus.

    Volkan is a good friend of He-Man and Man-at-Arms and willingly helps the heroic warriors in their adventures against the evil lords of Eternie and beyond ...

    I used:
    Castle Grayskull Man body
    Skeletor loincloth
    Draego man sword

    head and part of armor are entirely sculpted.
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