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Thread: Who wants the DC designs of characters in MOTUC?

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    Who wants the DC designs of characters in MOTUC?

    I'd really dig the new He-man and Skeletor. The Man-At-Arms new look with out the armor looks sweet as well. I'd be in for the new designs as figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Ozone View Post
    I'd really dig the new He-man and Skeletor. The Man-At-Arms new look with out the armor looks sweet as well. I'd be in for the new designs as figures.
    If the comic proves successful enough, they could use these designs as a new way to bring different MOTU product to the market.
    These designs do not belong in the MOTUC line though.
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    Not me! There are too many other characters that need getting to at this point before the inevitable end of the line.

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    If they're made for a Retail Line that is compatible with MOTUC (Translation: MOTUC Bucks with DC comic inspired armor) then yes. Tossed into the MOTUC line, no.
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    Yeah, if the DC versions of MOTU characters were made in a completely separate line, I would be fine with that. Not in MOTUC, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayneepoo View Post
    Yeah, if the DC versions of MOTU characters were made in a completely separate line, I would be fine with that. Not in MOTUC, though.

    I think of several other variants I'd want first before these like Alcala designs.

    I really don't need the Sorceress in her low-cut club outfit.

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    I want the sorcerress, teela's unicorn, and evil lyn

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    That armor Teela was wearing in the first issue and the Battle Cat digital short looked very cool and would be great to get. Otherwise I want Classics designs in the comics more than the other way around.
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    I want some of Despara.....maybe those demon guys.......but some of them I could definately do without. Then of course we already have the Randor and Carnivus.

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    Absolute no. Not before 2015. If there is demand it should be prioritized behind the current fanbase and figures that have yet to be made.
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    I would say NO.

    Personally, I am not a fan of the DC redesigns, much less of the story, (IMO) the mini-series is terrible but I do like those one shots. Out of all of them, I would only want Despara to be introduced in MOTUC. That would be down the line though after much more characters (vintage, filmation, PoP, NA, vintage media) were made first. For those that want the new DC Motu in a sub line or in retail, thats fine and dandy but there are many old "new" characters still out there that have been waiting 10-30 years to be made which I feel Mattel is better off focusing on creating instead. I believe a Filmation sub line or even a variants line would be much better to have in place.
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    Absolutely not. I dislike the redesigns, especially Despara and Evil-Lyn. The chainmail is a pointless change. The DC comics are just terrible.

    I would much rather get variants from the vintage lines or select Filmation, vintage mini-comic, or MYP variants.

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    I'd definitely buy a DC He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Evil-Lyn Sorceress or Mer-Man.

    Quote Originally Posted by Whiplash7 View Post
    A retail line of these would be neat. I'd love a Shipwrecked Teela figure.
    Put me down for one as well
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    Despara, in my opinion, is a given. SInce TG made the comments about the character, it makes sense that they would be guaging interest and it would be a cool marketing ploy to produce the figure to coincide with the new comic coming in April. Only problem is we probably wouldn't get her until SDCC at best, 4+ month after the comic debuts. But......if she is announced sometime around the first appearance of her in the comic (I'm guessing after issues 1 and 2) then the timing would be near perfect.

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