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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread February 2013

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for February 2013!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    Swiftwind Gone?

    Thanks for all the awesome toys! I'm so excited every time I see something new! Have I missed my chance to get Swiftwind? I was hoping to buy him with one of the early access figures that I missed out on to help combine shipping. Just wondering! Thanks for everything!

    I can confirm Swifty is gone for good.
    AGAIN-CG has no room for the Windraider...WHY ????

    Lets try this again ......
    In one of the videos from put the Windraider stand in the hole placer,and that went fine...BUT....When i saw you try to place the Windraider on the stand...there was no room for the vehicle. You quickly put the Windraider back on the podium where the mics were and went back to the CG display.

    So my Question is....Can we see a video or pics (will be fine too) with the Windraider on its stand in the spot where its suppose to fit in CG ?????

    You can park the WR in the Castle. I just didn't want to knock over everything on the proto at NYTF.
    Battle Armor Faker

    You should definitely put the orange armor in a weapons pack

    Suggestion noted but no plans right now.

    Please tell me you guys are going to make more of the MOTUC figures that have already came out and sold out. Like Fisto,Teela,sorceress,whiplash,roboto.....

    I missed out on the sign up for the MOTU club, and I'm tired of getting raped on E-Bay for them.

    I did get the chance to join the Voltron club, and that was nice. I also pre-ordered castle greyskull with great anticipation. These classics motu figures are so awesome and have the best detail I must own them all.! lol


    There may be super limited amount of CS stock of a handful of some 2012 figures (like Kobra Kahn) but we will not be going back into production or offer second runs on anyone past Man-E-Faces. We tried this with over two years of product and no ne except He-Man performed well enough in the second run.

    We know there is demand online for figures like Fisto and Sorceress, but when it comes to actual customers, we just aren't seeing it. The internet has a way of artifically inflating demand when a few passionate fans can be very loud posting over and over. But from 2 years worth of second runs, the fans asking for reissues just doesn't translate to high enough sales to hit our min production quota to go back into production.
    Ram Man lasted less than 5 minutes...

    With Ram Man lasting less than 5 minutes on sales day is there any chance for a reissue or some left stock being put on sale sometime soon?

    Lots of "cherry picker" collectors didn't have the chance to buy him and being a core Motu character I hope people have another chance at him.

    I really wish MOTUC was a line that could work for all buying habbits and collecting needs. But in the end of the day it can not. We made it very clear that day of quota was reduced and second runs were over when we sold in the 2013 subs. So this shouldn't be new news.

    I understand many collectors want to cherry pick, but in today's economy and manufacturing process that type of collecting is not always possible for all customers. You realyl should sub up to get all the figs. Its the only way to be sure.
    San Diego Comic-Con dates

    In the recently posted Shipping Schedule, you mention San Diego Comic-Con in-booth sales as being July 11-14. The Comic-Con website and my purchased badges state the show is actually July 18-21. Just want to make sure Mattel is planning on being there at the right time.

    Yes, our original post was wrong. SDCC is on the 18th.
    New Weapon Pack suggestion and question

    Is it possible to include in the new weapon pack, the 200x color variaton for the Havoc Staff? We really need it to go alog with Keldor's sword.

    Also, it would be awesome, if you included a brown colored mace to go along with "Vintage" Moss-Man. That would have been better than CLawful's mace.
    I'm still trying to find out what that color variaton is for...

    Anything is possible but nothing to announce right now.
    Regarding Subscription Only Figures/Matty Sale Dates

    I see on the Calendar map only Fang Man will be a low run subscription only figure.
    Can this/Will this change? Or are all the other figures through September going to be available on Day Of Sale as well?

    We made it very clear when we sold the 2013 subs that some figures would not be offered dat of (such as Fang Man).

    If their is CS remaining at the end of the year we may sell that off to the general public, but that is a big "if".
    Castle Grayskull

    I love what the 4 Horsemen have done with the sculpting and coloring of the Castle. Many (including me) agree its the best look ever. However I cannot ignore the flop that is the smaller jawbridge/entrance and the Windraider spot. I was willing to make a financial sacrifice for the initial picture that you painted of how the castle would be and would look. But seeing now how the figures will barelybe able to fit under that entrance is dissapointing as I (and I guess many others) had planned to make this an active playset where I can randomly change the location of defenders and attackers. Im also sad that this appears to have proved the initial naysayers right (hoverboard?)

    Unless there is some drastic changes displayed on SDCC I think I will cancel my preorders.

    Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.

    You may cancel your order anytime through Aug 30th. We want you to be happy with what you are getting.
    Joining the chorus....

    Hey Scott, just wanted to take a moment to say that I think that Castle Grayskull looks great, and I can't wait to get it this December.

    That being said, the one big issue people seem to be pointing out (aside from size complaints) is the curious decision to place the Wind Raider slot.......insidethe castle proper.

    I will repeat that.....inside.....the Castle itself.

    I don't park my truck in the living room, I can't see anyone parking the WR inside the Castle. I mean, how can they?

    Many of us assumed (yes, the "assume" word) that the WR post would be on the castle, so that the WR could look like it was flying over the castle. It was a curious choice to house it inside the castle, and a very silly one at that. I doesn't look right there, and even in "play" it makes no sense to put it there. I mean, I doubt that you or any of the mods can seriously defend this curious design choice with a straight face.

    If Mattel decides to scrap anything from the final product, I think that many many many fans wouldn't give a $*** if the WR port was scrapped first. In fact, if Mattel decides to cut corners on the Castle, please mention that one first. It won't be missed.

    There is nothing additional to the Castle to attach the Windraider in or out. We are simply offering a spot that if you WANT to park the WR inside you can with the exisiting WR stand (and it will fit inside as others have asked)

    Why in the world...

    do you guys make such great toys? Seriously, I've been collecting MOTUC for a year now and have been floored by the great quality and craftsmanship involved in these nostalgic blasts from the past. I know Mattel is a business that is ultimately concerned with making money, but it is obvious that the MOTUC line is a labor of love from some very dedicated people.

    So thanks for all that you and your team do, Toy Guru. This is one fan that will keep buying MOTUC as long as you guys keep making them! :-)

    It is a work of passion for everyone involved!
    Any chance of dropping down the ground floor of the Castle?

    ToyGuru, I know you've said the overall size of Castle Grayskull is final, but is there any possibility of dropping down the entire ground floor? (i.e. eliminate the underside gap)

    It would solve the head height problems with the most minimal sculpt changes. The inner walls are pretty plain so wouldn't take much effort to extend down slightly, especially since you yourself said the walls still need to be thinned down for the final toy. The only real resculting would be extending the jawbridge slightly to fit the new ground floor height.

    I know you're probably sick of Castle complaint topics but the vast majority of complaints about the Castle would be solved by this one small change. Here's a photoshop mockup I did:

    No, this will not be possible. A more final plastic castle with final accessories will be shown at SDCC.
    Strobo - will he be posted too?

    I'm a 2013 subscriber for MOTUC, but I live in England.

    Am I able to purchase Strobo through Early Access and then he is sent to me, or can I ONLY pick him up at a Convention?

    A very limits amount will be offered next month through the sub EA program.
    Castaspella's Ponytail

    Is Casta's ponytail articulated? It almost looks that way in several of the photos I've seen. It'd be so cool if we could rotate it 360 degrees!

    I don't believe it is, but she isn't far enough along at this point.
    Fellow MOTUC Fans...

    About Castle Grayskull...

    I spoke to a friend of mine who actually saw Castle Grayskull in person. Trust me when I say that my friend is a MOTUC critic when he needs to be and he's no cheerleader. For those that are worried about the Castle being small you can forget about that concern. This thing is still massively HUGE and the exterior is perfect. He was really worried about it but after seeing it live he has no concerns. He said if you didn't really know anything about the original mockup the 1 or 2 inch difference is not noticeable in the LEAST! He hadn't ordered originally but now he is.

    My Wishlist
    -Interior walls detailed somewhat instead of being perfectly smooth.
    -Remove Windraider plug. No need for it, save plastic for something else.
    -Throne being centered on second floor instead of off to the right (blocking secret entrance).
    -No cut accessories!

    About these forums...

    Guys... I hate reading through threads about "I'm missing emails!" and "Why doesn't my voting code work?" Keep this forum related to the actual toys. Matty... you have my permission to delete these threads (lol). For the rest, use the search feature and actually try calling DR before posting on here about missing product or missing emails. TG and the mods can't help you here and nor should they.

    Thanks for the post! And to clarify, the Castle does not CS with the Windraider stand. The existing stand can plug into the base of the Castle if you have the Windraider.
    Question about Shokoti's Darkling

    Hi TG! Everything shown at Toy Fair was really awesome and exciting!

    I have a question about Shokoti's Darkling though. Is it possibly to put a hole in the bottom of it, so it could use the same stand Orko, the Doomseeker and Slimer from Ghostbusters uses? I know one won't be included, but the Darklings all fly/float, so it would be great to have the option to display them that way.

    Question 2: Is it possible to get a Darkling in a future Weapons Pak? There were at least 6 of those creepy monsters floating around in that episode and I know quite a few people online want to army build!

    I don't believe their is a hole.
    what happened to NA He-man's face?

    I hope the NA He-Man displayed at NYTF 2013 was not the final one.
    He-Man's face is not even close to the prototype!
    Please correct this will we corrected in time before his release

    Yes. He is not final yet and design is adjusting the product to get as close to the proto as possible.
    Product Question - Fighting Foe Men

    Thanks again for eveything you do for the line - that cannot be said enough and the 4 Horsemen are brilliant!

    Just watched you and Pixel Dan walk through NYTF toys - and you guys very quickly jumped the trio of the Fighting Foe Men. Now that they are completed figures I had a quick question or two.
    Are the vehicle logos unique in the way they attach to the figure or can they be moved from one Foe Man to the other?
    Is Dawg-O-Tor / SMM Visors removeable to show their faces?



    The two males can be swapped not on think the female is a bit different. Good question!
    So many unanswerable Questions

    1. Is there a character who could be considered Wun-Dar's villain? (Y/n)
    1B - Is he on the road map to be made? (Y/n)
    1C - What's their name?

    2. During the years of He-man and Skeletors' absence from Eternia, Jitsu ruled snake mountain and Strobo kept the peace. Who led the masters after Randor 'passes'? (Was Randors death natural? Where is Miro? )

    - Last Note: no question. I think it's worth it to get the MOTU movie rights. There are several good characters worth it. Renegade He-Man, King Skeletor and Karg just to start. I did notice King Skeletor on the subternia map. Sweet.

    Their certainly can be!
    Is this how it's going to be?

    Moving forward are people who decided to take their chances without the subscription going to continue to get crapped on? Is it really such a crime to want to choose which figures you pay for? I understand that there has to be some benefit to subscribing, but isn't the benefit of being guaranteed to get the figures you want enough? I'm also cool with early access and one exclusive figure a year. We make the decision whether those things are worth it or not when we chose to pass on the subscription. But now you're taking figures out of the monthly sale and turning them into exclusives. You're changing the rules in the middle of the game, and quite frankly it's not the best good will gesture towards fans of this line. I pre-ordered Grayskull (Im fine the the size btw), bought the Filmation sub but passed on the main sub because you guys went out of your way to make it a nightmare in 2012. But I guess you have to teach us all a lesson, huh? Throw us a bone. I love these figures, but you guys have a terrible attitude. Now Scott it's your turn to pick one line from everything I said to reply with a snarky remark.

    Honestly, I am not clear what you are asking. Can you restate in one short sentence?
    Castle Grayskull Lazy Susan?

    What is the possibility of a Castle Grayskull Lazy Susan accessory at some point? I like the idea of setting up the castle and being able to spin it easily so that moving it wouldn't cause characters to fall down when moving it.

    Mattel will not be offering this bit if you do a google search you should have no trouble finding one.
    The Fans Demand a Head Pack!!

    Fans have long been requesting a heads pack. If you can do a weapons pack, you can do a head pack. Same amount of tooling and sculpting. 5 heads in a pack would be totally awesome and could sell for probably the same price as a weapons pack or regular figure.

    In the past you have said no because it is supposedly "too morbid", but with all due respect, I think the "too morbid" excuse is just that, a ridiculous excuse.

    Monster High figures have body packs, including heads, Barbie has head packs, and many of the MOTUC figures have extra heads packed in. What is the difference?

    If it is "too morbid" to have a head pack, then it is too morbid to have MOTUC figures at all. Isn't it morbid that you have to decapitate your figures to switch out their armour?

    It is these kind of throw away comments that really turn people off. Please take this suggestion seriously, I think you would please a whole lot of people if you actually did this.

    Totally aware of demand for this. It really comes down to resources. It is mucho te likely we will sneak additional heads in with figures ( like the Zodak head with Strobo) vs. offer a head pack. Purely from a tooling and resource stand point.
    Regarding Club Filmation, are you able to say with 100% certainty......

    ....that there will be an instance similar to Fang Man where there won't be any figures up on the usual sale day? I can understand if you can't say anything yet, figured I'd ask anyway.

    Yes it is very likely there may
    be some figs not avail day of. The best way to ensure you get all the figs is to subscribe
    Toyguru: Only one?

    I'm wondering about the accesoires for some figures. Has batros only one? Or will there be a secret one? Same for Shokoti. I thought every figure will get two accesoires.

    Some figures will have one. Mosquitor had one.
    Early Access question about Strobo

    In the post made on the site today it says if you are a member of any of the clubs you will be able to get Strobo through early access. So being Club Filmation is a club and it says all clubs that means that Filmation holders will be able to order him as well Right??????

    I don't think Filmation early access starts until Filmation figures ship in July but I will need to check. It is good for all the other subs though.
    Quick question about filmation sub

    My question is, are jetlag characters going to be included in the filmation sub? I really want some of those guys!

    No. It doesn't mean we couldn't get to them, but they are not Filmation characters and therefore not in the Filmation sub.
    Faker and Keldor are reissues not 1st runs

    The Feb and March announcements list Faker and Keldor as 1st runs without the burst but most likely aren't those figures reissues while the characters like Kobra Khan and Meckaneck are the 1st runs.

    Faker and Keldor could be either first run or second run. Mek and Kahn never had a second run so they are only the remaining customer service stock.
    Grayskull Clarification

    Toyguru, since you stated the sculpted dungeon was never indicated to be included with Grayskull, could you please clarify what that is in the red area on the B-sheet? Many thanks!

    Placement for a sticker apparently. You will also note the B-sheet did not show the space suit and you ARE getting that. Things will continued to evolve and change. We'll have the final Castle to show at SDCC. Even some of the accessories shown at NYTF may still change or get dropped. We just don't know as their are too many unknowns in the process. Part of the fun of doing this so early on (but really the only way we could!)

    That is why we are giving customers ample time to cancel if they want. But we do hope we can include all that was shown at NYTF and maybe even more!
    Comparison pic of vintage Castle to MOTUC Castle?

    Any chance you could take a photo of both your vintage castle and the new MOTUC Castle side by side so we can see how they compare?

    Yes. As soon as the model comes back from NYTF I will snap a shot. Likley won't be back for a few weeks. But I'll be sure to do this and the 200X Castle too!
    Castle grayskull

    Will it latch on the side for easy storage and closure? Like the vintage

    I believe so.
    Who are they?

    Hey Scott, I just received my e-mail for the voting code and put it in to vote for the characters to appear in the boxart for Castle Grayskull. There are 3 names I do not recognize and hope you can tell me who they are. Who is Goat Man, Dogotor, and Sky High? There were so many I don't know them all. Thanks!

    Goatman is from the Golden Books, Dawgotor is one of the Fighting Foe Men and Sky High is the Windraider pilot from the vintage cross sell poster
    Grayskull Size again, again and again

    I 100% support the post of "Cyberguy":

    "Hi Scott,

    as many fans also I am not really happy with the actual size of the castle which clearly differs from that shown on the blueprints.
    But what confuses me even more is your current explantion for this.
    "The size on the blueprints was just an estimate" or "This is all you can get for $250,-, if you don't like it, you're free to cancel your order!"

    Excuse me, but who calculated the price point of $250,-?
    And who told us, we would get a 25.425" high GC for it?
    It was YOU - and now, after we preordered, you're telling us "It's not possible"?
    If you didn't know that before, how could you make such claims (concerning the size) last year when the presale started? Just hope for luck?
    Basically you made a promise last year and now you're not keeping it.

    Telling us "If you don't like that, you're free to cancel" sounds like "Eat it or beat it!" or like "I don't care what I said yesterday!"
    You're clearly selling a different item now than that you originally presented!
    Let me ask you: What will Mattel do if more than 50% of the preorders get cancelled now? Will it increase the size? Or will it simply cancel the playset?
    When I don't know something for sure yet, I always play it safe.
    So you should have either shown a smaller sized blueprint or, to be sure, set the price at, say, $300,-. I'm sure many fans would gladly pay $50,- extra now to have a Castle Grayskull as originally presented (although it's still not fair).
    I feel kind of deceived now, this all does not seem very professional!
    But what disappoints me even more is that I was SO MUCH looking forward to a castle the size you originally presented but now have to live with THIS or no castle at all (or what are the odds of getting another one in scale with that on the blueprints some time down the road?).
    My wish would be now:
    Postpone the release, resculpt it in scale with the blueprints, and, if really neccessary, cut all the accessories and release them as a seperate "accessory pack" if neccessary (for, say, $50,-)!
    PLEEEASE give us the castle you teased us with last year (and wich, as you stated back then, would be "the bare minimum" of what we'll be getting)!!
    Or, even better, make a poll where every fan can make his/her voice heard and then act accordingly.
    This item is too important to just let it slide through as it is now, don't you think?


    Please don't give this chance away to set a sign for motu history with a castle who earns this title! Is our only chance to get it in a BIG size; not this "comb for he-man's hair"!!!

    I totally hear you but to be 100% clear, this is the Castle we are able to produce. I understand some fans want it to be bigger but that is just not possible.

    Therefore we can offer two options:

    1: Order the Castle and love it
    2: Cancel your order and you will not be charged

    I wish we had another option and we could make a giant 500.00 Castle but that is just not possible.

    Thank you for the Filmation Sub.
    It is a good idea.
    The problem is I have not seen any MOTUC 20XX Action Figure.
    I am thinking you forgot the 20XX Fans from around the world.
    We are still specting a 20XX KING RANDOR, a 20XX TRI KLOPS or a 20XX "YOUNG" PRINCE ADAM.
    I love the 20XX Rattlor Armor, the 20XX Clamp Champ Back Pack and the other 20XX Weapons and accesories; but we have not seen any Action Figure inspired in the 20XX Show.
    Please, DO NOT forget us.
    We will see one 20XX Action Figure this year ????.
    Thank you for your time.

    We tend to get this question for every "faction" that does not see a SKU revealed at any show.

    We only had two "mainline" SKUS to reveal (plus 3 Filmation SKUS). Just because you are not seeing your favorite faction represented at a cetain reveal doesn't mean that faction won't be seeing additional characters later down the line or even later in the year. You can't expect every reveal to cover every faction. Especially when we only had two SKUs in the main sub to reveal. Their is no way two skus can cover every faction!
    With the new Filamtion sub, Does it leave Goat Man on the table?

    Now that there is a new Filmation sub to cover Filmation figures, does it still leave open the chance of getting Goat Man?
    He was not a Filmation character but always seems to get lumped with them.

    I have wanted a figure if him since the vintage line. I hope he is still doable.

    We can do Goatman, but he won't be in the Filmation sub as he is not a Filmation character
    87 Movie Rights

    Since Karg, Julie, Lubic and Kevin are all choices for the Grayskull box art, does Mattel finally have the rights to make the figures from the 87 movie?

    No. We can put them in art but can not make figures at this time.
    Typical Answers!

    Its these kind of canned answers that cause so much of the frustration with the people that support this line.(If you dont like it cancel, thats what $250 worth of tooling gets you, orb holder fits perfectly) I'm pretty sure that almost everyone who went out on a limb and ordered this thing did so because they actually wanted it, so telling them they can cancel there order really does not answer the problem. No matter what $250 worth of tooling gets you, you cannot look at that castle and say it is in scale with this line, and not just the door way. You have a ledge that no figure can stand on, unless stuck with putty, the figures heads basically touch the floor above them, and in robotos case, actually had to be bent at the knee's, and you still could not see his head, and of course the door way, which you yourself had to turn He-Man sideways to get through. And the orb stand I was referring to was the one you sold us with Temple of Darkness Sorceress, not the new and improved, "make it fit version". If $250 was not enough to make a proper scale castle, then it should have been made common knowledge and let the people decide if they want a castle thats just a little too small, or perhaps give up something else to make sure it comes in at the cost. At this point I'm sure there are plenty of fans who would gladly sacrifice some, or all of the accesories to get this thing the proper size. So please find a way to make this right, and not just if you dont like it cancel. That wasn't the answer for the hoverboard, and its not the answer here. These people want this thing, fix the issues and give them what they were sold!

    I totally understand where you are coming from. But at the end of the day the Castle we showed at NYTF is approx. what you are getting (the size is correct but their is always a chance some accessories may still be cut).

    A final final Castle will be shown at SDCC which is why fans have until Aug 30th to cancel if they no longer want it.
    Voting code

    Wouldn't the reason any voting codes being sent now don't work be that you don't get a vote if you preorder now?

    Correct. The ability to vote was only if you preordered before Jan 3
    3D Dungeon vs WindRaider Plugin Landing Area

    Guys... so far I have had NO problems with anything you have done, QC issues and all! I have personally went and fixed them all myself! An even after that extra effort I kept on smiling at the line, and buying!

    But I have to speak up, I preordered 2 castles to support the line after all the promises of how it would be.

    Now we are hearing that you want to cut the 3D dungeon.... in favor of the wind raider landing pad [that no one wants I might mention] and plan to give us a sticker instead???

    PLEASE NO!!!

    ... PLEASE!!! Discard the wind raider stand and give us the 3D dungeon to stay within budget and to fully update the original castle! The Dungeon was a feature we all wanted!! None of us asked for the wind raider stand!

    Make a poll! PLEASE!!! Get our opinion over this!!!
    In no way, do we simply want a "Sticker" again... especially after we were specifically told NO STICKERS... that it would all be 3D sculpted this time!

    Ask us!! GET OUR VOTE ON THIS!!!

    We are paying for it after all!

    We are not cutting the dungeon. The dungeon was never offered or noted as being included at any point. You can't cut what wasn't offered.


    If I get a Filmation Subscription right now, will that qualify me for early access figures this month and onward like Faker and Kobra Khan?

    No. Your early access ( if you only have Filmation) will start in July
    Castle Grayskull expantion pack?

    It was posted over on that you had mentioned yesterday at the Grayskull reveal that not everying we saw is comming with the castle and said cut items will be offered in a Grayskull expantion pack.

    Can you please confirm this statement or is it just a rumor?

    Nothing like this is planned right now
    Minimum for the filmation sub?

    is there a minimum needed for the filmation sub?

    And will the figures from the fimation sub be available in the monthly sale, too?

    We do have a minimum but are not running a meter in this case. Their will still be Filmation characters in the main sub but not the same characters
    Filmation 2014 & beyond

    1st thanks that Mattel has been listening to us the fans about a Filmation sub. Now that we are getting a mini 6 figure Filmation sub for 2013 will this continue for 2014 & beyond??

    It is way too early to comment on anything for 2014 right now
    Filmation sub Question for ToyGuru

    First off I want to thank you scott for offering us fans the chance to get more Filmation characters into our collections.

    I just ordered my two Filmation subscriptions

    As for 2014 it's rumored mattel wants to possibly offer a 12 figure filmation add on sub and many fans feel 12 is too many on top of a full years Club Eternia. I feel 6 really isn't enough so if Mattel plans on offering a Filmation add on sub again in 2014 could you make it 8 figures as that is meeting things in the middle?

    It is way too early to comment on anything for 2014 at this time.
    Grayskull robot

    You mentioned that the Grayskull robot would just be a hollow, backless piece. Maybe this was mentioned somewhere, but is he going to be big enough that a normal-sized figure can fit in there? And if not, he be made to be? Or even better, could you craft him to be like the old G.I. Joe S.N.A.K.E. armor?

    Even without articulation, I think it would be a lot of run to have a robot that He-Man could fit into.

    No. A figure will not fit inside. It is a display piece, not snap on armor.
    No news on the - White Horde Crossbow ??

    The white horde crossbow was shown last time as a teaser but no news about it at NY Toyfair. When will we know?

    Combining shipping

    Why can't digital river combine subs with the first figure. What is the difference that they can combine after the second figure and not the first one. Thanks

    It is just not something that is possible. That is why we are always clear ahead of time that subs will only combine starting with the second figure in any sub so their are no surprises.

    2questions I must ask tg.will that gun strobo had been shown in some pics early on be made and released on down the line?And second any news on what will be done with all the other create a character contest entries?

    Nothing to announce right now
    the castle

    I gotta say its excellent and I love all the new interior especially the dungeon.I don't know what all the complainers are complaining ábout regarding the size.what did they expect.a 5 foot tall playset? This castle is fine as it is.

    I agree. It's pretty amazing and if you don't want it you can cancel.
    Castle Size Reasoning

    You keep saying "look at all the accessories we didn't show before" but why not make the castle the size that people want and make a separate accessory package for it (including the monster floor grate)? This is the only time we'll get this item. Why couldn't you find a way to do it right?

    Because that would increase the tooling well above a 250.00 price point.
    Castle Grayskull voting code.

    Scott I tried to the use the code I was emailed but I keep getting an "invalid code" message. Please help with this.

    I'm sure the digital team is looking into any issues.
    Shouldn't the castle be $230?

    So the castle is 2 inches smaller than expected.
    That would mean 23 instead of 25 inches, I assume?
    Shouldn't the price then be lowered accordingly, i.e. $230 instead of $250?

    No, that isn't how it works. We made it as big as possible for 250.00. Regardless
    Of the measurements you are getting. 250.00 worth of castle. If you are unhappy you can cancel your order until Aug. 30
    Filmation Sub Order not Processed?

    I placed an order for a Filmation Sub but did not get a confirmation email. I was also not able to enter a shipping option when I ordered, only a billing address. Some fans over at have said that they contacted CS and were told that if you did not get to enter a shipping option your order was not processed properly and you will need to re-order. Can you please confirm whether this is the case or not?

    In short, if I did not get a confirmation email and did not get to enter my shipping address, do I have to reorder the Filmation sub?

    It may just take time to go through

    Thank you Toyguru. The castle is perfect and the beyond my hopes.
    I do hope we see some expansion paks for the castle in the future.

    The filmation sub took me by huge surprise,did not see that coming.I can not wait for the other 3 and perhaps 12 more next year.

    Please pass along all of our thanks to the horsemen and Mattel team.

    Thanks Again.

    PS.....Mantenna may be the best thing you guys have ever done.

    I am very excited for Mantenna!

    What if fans were allowed to vote if they would like to sacrifice accessories in order for the Castle to be increased by an inch or two? All the extra plastic in the inside could be used towards the plastic used to stretch out the plastic at the height and width by an inch or two. Just put in into may save Matty from dealing with all the cancelations!

    I can not speak for everyone but I personally prefer a slightly larger castle than any accessories in the inside...I'll let my imagination provide that.

    Plus, it's a Collectors line....the castle should just be a display piece not so much a "play"set, right? The outside is what matters...not what's in the inside. Shallow but true. Big Grin A slightly wider taller castle would be a lot more attractive. No changes would be made...just stretch it out a bit at the height and width.

    Regardless, I won't cancel though. It's high for $250 but it does look a bit cozy lol lol.

    No, we can't offer that as an option.
    CG Character Vote

    I'm curious, will there be someplace where we'll be able to see the results of the vote as the days go on, like we can on the forum polls?

    I presume so. I'm not in the office right now but will see what I can find out
    Just one more question to be an proud castle grayskull owner

    Is it possible to push the top floor of the elevator wall a little bit up so figures can pass all tge way into the elevator on the middle floor?

    In the final castle the walls will not be as thick
    Will Sorceress be able to sit on Castle Grayskulls throne without breaking her wings?

    Will Sorceress be able to sit on Castle Grayskulls throne without her legs hanging off and without braking her wings off like what we have seen on the preview pics?

    It is something we are still looking into.
    Castle Grayskull monsters

    Castle Grayskull monsters floor grate, you mention they will be a sticker on the new Castle Grayskull... by any chance you guys can release that as a diorama piece...and that would be a lovely piece to own!

    PS Castle Grayskull is Amazing!!

    Maybe one day as an add on, but definitely not with the castle.
    Will we ever be able to change shipping method via "My Subs"?

    Pretty straightforward: will we ever be able to change shipping methods via the "My Subscriptions" page?

    Many fans are going to need to swap back and forth between methods because of the varying amounts of figures month to month. Will this feature ever be implemented? Or are we stuck going through DR customer service every time?

    You can change your shipping option, but only by calling CS. This can not be done through the my sub page
    early access and filmation quick question

    Congrautlations on another set of stunning reveals... you're passion for and dedication to this line of figures is very obvious and I thank you for that.

    Though I missed Club Eternia this year, I just subbed the Filmation line. I'm trying to understand some of the info about early access.

    Am I, or am I not entitled to early access on figures from Club Eternia as they come up now? (for instance - Khan in a few days time.) I presume the answer is No... but clarification would be great.. and if the answer is No, then no worries. Thanks in advance and have a good one.

    EA does not include any sub figures. It includes non sub items and reissues
    Castle Size

    I know I'm not alone in thinking the Castle seems too small and being disappointed in that. Smaller than it appeared during the presale, compared to the figures themselves.

    Since it's so far off from being released, is there any way it can be made slightly larger? Big enough for at least a figure to fit IN the doorway?

    If not, I for one won't be updating my CC info before it goes on sale.

    No. This is the largest we can make it for 250.00. Of at all not happy you can cancel your preorder through Aug 30
    MOTUC Carded Figure Protectors

    How much will these cost? How many protectors in each package?

    Their are 4 in a pack for 15.00

    Toy Guru.....just to give you update on Shokoti spelling at ToyFair...please correct it on the figure. SHOKOTI....not SHAKOTI

    The figure will have the correct spelling.
    Will the castle ..

    Will the castle have a turret at the top like the vintage one did ?

    He-Man On BattleCat In Grayskull Door

    What happened to He-Man being able to ride Battlecat through the entrance to Castle Grayskull? In the foam mockup video, the jawbridge was a lot taller in height with He-Man standing next to it. Without that happening, maybe it's just a "vocal minority", but some feel that the scale is smaller than it should be for the price point that we are paying.

    I like how the inside of the castle looks, but that entrance needs to be bigger.

    The foam model and dimensions on the presell page were clearly noted as estimates. This is the largest we can make the castle at 250.00. Keep in mind you are also getting more accessories than were shown such as the spade Suit. If on any way unhappy you can cancel your order through Aug 30.

    With the Filmation rights you also got right to Jetlag (Crita, Mara, etc) and Golden Books (Goat Man). Will these rights be used anytime soon? Or all the Filmation slots strictly Filmation?

    We hope so!

    Just curious...I know rerelases have stopped but for any extra older figures left that need to be packaged, would it be possible for Mattel to pack them with character label inserts WITHOUT "THE ORIGINAL" bubble burst? I know a lot of people dislike those bursts with a passion. More people would buy more stock if it didn't have those yellow original bursts.

    The bursts almost devalue the item (unless it's a rare figure like Roboto). The figures remain the same so they should all be 1st releases, right?

    We don't have plans for this.
    The Castle size is perfect!

    ..for my VINTAGE figures!

    for my classics? not so much.. Ram Man probably wont even fit through the front door!

    This is the largest we could go for 250.00
    FILMation sub, lots of questions

    I some questions about this new sub:
    1. Why the need for a new sub? I thought the current sub was suppose to be all inclusive.
    2. If I order a sub, will it be combined with my current MOTUC sub to save on shipping?
    3. Are the character designs always going to be a direct translation from that god awful cartoon, or are the Horsemen going to do any updates on costumes, faces and weapons?
    Batros - a bat guy who isn't really a bat guy, but a fanged faced dude with a furry bat cowl and little red wings. Ooooh what a scary bad guy.
    Icer - A guy who is basically an ice man, An ice man that needs to keep his ears warm with some kind of furry wrap around his head.
    Don't get me wrong, the sculpts are excellent, but those Filmation designs...
    Look what they did to Clawful.
    4. Will this sub include Filmation versions of already released characters? (say no please?)

    Since we only recently got rights to Filmation the extra sub helps us catch up.
    With the Filmation sub ?

    Does that mean there will be no filmation figures in next years regular sub

    Also if there would be a filmation sub next year would that include all cartoon figures like (filmation, jetlag, and 200x). If so that would mean more slots for figures that were toys back in the day.

    Nope. It just means more Filmation characters. Their will still be Filmation in the regular sub like Octavia and Fang Man
    Total Disappointment size Castle Grayskull

    I feel very deceived with the size of Castle Grayskull, if this is the final castle will cancel my card for payment.

    Anyone is welcome to cancel their order through Aug. 30 if in any way unhappy.
    castle greyskull

    don't listen to the complainers the castle looks awsome is it to late to move the trap door over the dungon

    Yes, it is too late for any changes.
    Let's Be Honest, Size Matters!

    Let's look at this from a practical point of view, some of the things you have sold us to go in this castle will not fit!(orb stand,ram man, windraider) You,as a fan, have to look at this and see that its not in proper scale. Is there any way at this point that something, anything, can be done to modify this just that little bit it needs to make it right. We all put our faith (and a **** of a lot of money) into you guys pulling this off, please while there is still time, lets fix it.

    The orb holder fits perfectly. Not sure what you mean.
    Filmation sub

    Awesome and perfect!

    If it is a success, will we see another next year along the 2014 sub (should it happen?)

    Anything is possible but it is too early to comment on 2014
    Filmation and Castle Grayskull

    Question 1: I read that there will be 3 filmation characters coming out this year. I was wondering if someone could tell me the difference between that and regular MOTU?

    Question 2: The reveal of castle grayskull shows the orb and orb stand in its hiding place, does the orb and stand come with the castle or do we need to purchase King Grayskull and temple of darkness scorces?

    The Filmation characters are original characters from the animated series in Classics style.
    Question about remaining Filmation figures

    Will the last three figures be all unique characters, or will they include Randor-style Filmation variants like Hordak or Count Marzo?

    Not asking for names, of course.

    All are original characters and not variants.
    Mighty Hercules

    hey toy guru this question is waaaaay of topic but what the heck. Since you guys are doing a 60's batman series which looks absolutley amazing anychance ever you guys couls look into a Mighty hercules line I loved that show lol anyways just asking for the heck of it.

    No plans right now.
    Can Shokoti's Darkling fly?

    Ok, not really fly, but will Shokoti's little buddy have a hole in the bottom to attach a stand, similar to the Doomseeker or Orko?

    Either way, you guys are still the best at making toys, and I thank you for all the awesomeness you revealed this past weekend!

    I don't believe so
    Which release schedule is correct?

    Like with DC, which is correct, the one on display at Toy Fair, or the one on your news post? Mainly curious whether the Foe Men will be April or May, to plan for the cost.

    The online list is correct
    How many She-Ra Filmation cartoon characters are in the Filmation sub?

    How many She-Ra Filmation cartoon characters are in the sub (if any)?

    With the majority of the most popular and requested characters from Filmation been from the She-Ra cartoon such as SCORPIA, SEA HAWK, HUNTARA & MADAME RAZZ it seems odd you have previewed no She-Ra characters for this sub.

    At least 1. We did just show Octavia as well. You will still get Filmation in the main sub too remember!
    Castle Grayskull monsters floor grate

    First off Castle Grayskull is everything I was hoping for and more, everyone who worked on it did an amazing job!

    I just have one question, in one of the preview pics I saw the floor grate which had all the cool monster appendages sticking out, but it was absent from the reveal display. I've been hearing it may be cut. Is this true? I hope not because it has such great detail and really puts this version of the Castle over the top.

    Again, Great job!

    This will not be included. It is something the Horsemen sculpted for fun but was never costed in or promoted as part of the castle. It will be done as a sticker.
    Strobo Quick question

    Where can I buy him???

    A very limited amount will be offered to sub holders as early access in an upcoming sale. After that he will be at Power Con and possibly NYCC. (As well as any fan cons that buy him to resell)
    SDCC and the september figure

    When will the SDCC exclusive be announced? And why is the September figure being held until October?

    Mantenna just wasn't ready in time so you will get two figures in Oct. life happens.
    Castle Grayskull - not a complaint.

    Castle Grayskull looks fantastic. I like the outside design and paint apps.

    Me too!
    Castle Grayskull

    I have to say the Castle Grayskull as shown in your video is awesome. Even though I agree with the comments about the height of the drawbridge opening, apart from that, fantastic.
    My question! Around the time of release for the Castle, will the Weapons Rack be put back up for sale? As we were told for years that there would not be a Castle, i'm sure others, like myself, never purchased the Rack, now we have a Castle it has become fairly imperitive to have it.
    Please considerer putting it back up, even if only for those that pre-ordered.

    No plans right now to reissue the Weapon Rak.
    Castle Grayskull Size

    Castle Grayskull is a beautiful piece of work. Outstanding really. But a growing consensus is that it appears much smaller than we initially anticipated. Is it too late in the process to increase its size? Characters heads are practically brushing the ceiling, and while we had hoped He-man could ride Battlecat through the jawbridge, He-Man barely makes it himself.

    Yes, it is a little smaller than the foam model and customers if not happy can cancel their order through aug 30.
    Recessing the open jawbridge into the base?

    Love the Castle Grayskull prototype, but like a couple people here have expressed, I'd prefer there be more clearance when a figure is standing in the archway of Castle Grayskull. Would it be possible to have a recess in the base where the jawbridge opens, so the jawbridge doesn't sit so high? That may address some of the height issues that people have brought up.

    At this point this feature is final but on construction it may be recessed a bit much as the walls will be

    the Castel details are incredible.

    But is way too small. Please review the size asap.
    Thank you un advance!

    This is the largest we can make it at a 250.00 price. Also, keep in mind you are getting MORE accessories then were shown in the presale illustration too, like the space armor etc... The dimensions shown on the presale page were noted as approx size.
    Evil Eternian Pirates , really?

    so the Fighting Foe Men are evil now? i mean i get that with the horde emblem they could be displayed as evil but really what gives? only one on the cover art was bad . as silly as it sounds this actually changes things from a nostalgia point. seeing that theres,a gender change of the one driver with an added fraction change. and while on the subject well when and if the windraider driver is made will he be evil too now?

    That remains to be seen. And the FFM were noted as bad guys wayyyy back in Vykron's bio, so this shouldn't be a surprise.
    Castle Grayskull seems smaller than promised

    could you post the actual dimensions of the prototype CG playset?
    It does not seem it's in scale with that shown on the blueprints when the presale started.
    Could you clarify and tell us why this decision was made?
    Thanks in advance!

    It is 100% smaller by an inch or two. As noted in the presell, measurements were estimates. If in anyway unhappy you can cancel your preorder through Aug. 30. I'll try to get exact current measurements soon.

    I do not know how to express my gratitude today !
    I am 38 years old, still a big fan of He-Man and She-RA and I always will be.
    I waited for a ICER figure my whole life...
    As a child, I harassed the toy sellers : "When will you receive GLACOR?"(French name of ICER) I'm so happy ! It was like I was dreaming... THANK YOU. SHOKOTI is also very beautiful. Batros : WOW ! Castle Grayskull will please the fans so much. CASTASPELLA : oh my god what a beauty ! What a success ! I can not believe my eyes !
    I am proud of what you do for the Filmation and She-RA fans.
    Today, with ICER, I can die happy ! I now pray hard that Madame Razz, Sea Hawk, Scorpia, Lizard Man, Kittrina, Strongarm, Plundor, General Sunder, Dylamug, among others, become a reality. THANK YOU. You're awesome !

    You are most welcome!
    Selling the Filmation sub

    I budgeted 2013 conservativley for MOTUC, so I have some wiggle room for a Filmation mini-sub.

    However, I need to know one thing to sell me on it.

    Is the minisub going to be limited to never before released characters or will it include Filmation variants of characters already released (i.e. Teela, Adam, He-Man, Skeletor, etc...) in MOTUC?

    Knowing I am going to get a variant free mini-sub would make it more attractive to me. Some would agree, some would disagree.

    All 6 figures will be all new never before done characters.
    Sheetrock in Eternia?


    I absolutely love Castle Grayskull. The exterior sculpt is nothing short of amazing! All the accessories are wonderful! But, I do have some issues with the interior walls being flat. Many of the walls look unfinished next to the orb room and jail which have brick details. Any chance the entire interior could have brick details? I'd also be more interested in having the negative of the exterior sculpt, like the vintage castle, rather than the smooth flat walls.

    We addresses this at Colletor night. The interior walls are not final and will be hallowed out more in the final castle!
    Hello!! filmation figures question

    Hellooo! i want to know if who has a regular subscription, without filmation subscription, can bought the filmation figures on eardly access. Thanks!!

    No. Sub figures for any sub are not avail for EA.
    Gone for Good?

    I was very late to the MOTU Classics party and only discovered the line last April. I made great strides building a collection since then through mattycollector, ebay and ny comicon. Could someone tell me of the following who is gone for good so I know not to wait to see it mattycollector will resell it? I know Fisto was sold out but was wondering about these...


    I don't have an inventory report on me but most older figs are not coming back. The reissues just did not perform at the levels we needed.
    New spell casting hand - yay!

    That's what we should be saying! The claw doesn't cut it anymore. I think we've had enough use of the spell casting hand to warrant a new one being sculpted. And it could be used for the much-needed Sorceress 2.0 (the one who simple needs a wing, and possible skirt, revision so that she can sit on the throne.

    Scott, don't you think it's time for a new spell casting hand?

    That would be cool but nothing else to announce right now.
    Batros Weapon

    Scott, I was very disappointed to see Batros get Spikor's weapon - especially considering we have that new spiky-ball mace that is going to be included with Castle Grayskull.

    The colours are great, it's just the unnecessary re-use of a weapon when a more original option exists - are we able to have this changed?

    The mace that comes with the castle was not avail for Batros as it has not been tool'd yet. We needed an already tool'd accessory for Batros.

    Give me a minute while i wipe the spit off my face Red Face !!!!!
    So MOTUC 2013 sub almost didn't happen and you keep saying that you don't know if there will be a '14 cause their subs were low...but yet they get a CG pre-order (which i ordered 2)...and ANOTHER sub for the rest of the year(July-December) with the possibility of have 2 separate subs for next year 2014,plus from today's TF... protection claim shells for their figs, and new stacking stands.....All this talk about you not being sure if they will be a sub for MOTU for 2014/how many slots might be available is all that.... just talk !!!!
    but we can't even get a pre-order for a HOJ or slots for over size figs in our sub this year......not even a separate sub just for over size figs even.... WOW.....Your true colors are really shinning today for DC FANS EVERY WHERE !!!

    So here's my question: Do you really feel like being the brand manger for DC anymore ??? Honestly ???

    Sorry i had to ask, but your heart just doesn't seem to be in it any more, like when DCUC 1st started. I can't believe this is the same guy that came up with the super 2x "sold out" hit LOSH 12 pack...that was written on a napkin a little over 2 years again...Man you change.

    Thank you for the TF reveals and keep up the great work..

    I'm a huge DC fan, but in the end, our online MOTU figs way outsell our online DC figs which is why we can do more MOTU right now. We also presold a 250.00 MOTU playset which helps support the line as well. We'd love to do more DC figs but can only produce figs of their is a customer base to buy.
    Please say something about castle grayskull issues

    I'm sure you're already aware of some of the issues...
    The inner wall must be with stone texture as the walls of the exterior.
    The floors must have more height so figures wouldn't be almost hitting their head on the top
    The jaw bridge must grow a little also
    The top floor of the elevator wall must go up cause it doesnt make sense the figures cant pass in there
    Remove the windraider hole or at least include a cover so the ones who dont want the windraider in that plase can have that option.

    Please say something about Castle grayskull and I hope its not too late to make changes cause that's not the castle we where promissed.... (See your foam video to see how figures would get more space in height)

    All of this was covered at the event. Yes, the interior walls are not final and will be hallowed out a bit more to accommodate figures. A more final model will be shown at SDCC, but this model is in the final scale.
    Castle Grayskull Too Small - Cancellation Option?

    Scott, this image says it all...

    Many fans feel like they have been misled and that we are not getting appropriate value for our money.

    Are you going to be providing a cancellation option for those who feel like they have been duped?

    Yes, we made this very clear at collector night that presale customers are welcome to cancel through Aug 30 but any cancelations can not be reinstated. If you cancel you are out.
    It's all in the eyes

    I'm so excited about the 2013 Toyfair reveals! It is hard to pick a favorite out of all of the reveals, but Mantenna would be my number one pick.

    I love everything about the figure. It is the best classicized figure in the line to date.
    My question is: In a weapons/accessories pack, Can we get Mantenna's eyes in vintage toy colors (blue pedicels, white bloodshot eyes)??????

    That way we can have another way to display him.

    No plans for another set of Mantenna eyes at this time.
    Filmation Subscription

    Well, of course I just purchased a Filmation sub! Do you have plans to make Filmation stickers for the packages?

    No. But if we did a Horde member like Shadow Weaver she would have a Horde sticker

    OLD STUFF!!!

    Castle Grayskull

    Awesome sneak peaks so far of the Castle! Does Mark Taylor's prototype of Castle Grayskull still exist is 3D form? If so, has the Four Horsemen had an opportunity to view it and get close up details of it?

    Not that I am aware of. Any collector have one? I just have pics.
    Skirts and Long Tunics

    MOTUC action figures typically feature fantastic articulation (with few exceptions like Battleground Teela's missing thigh swivel).

    However, occassionally a figure is released with a skirt or a long tunic which prevents the full range of movement that would otherwise be possible with the included articulation (for example, Netossa and Dekker).

    Mattel has previously addressed this problem by including "slits" in the skirt of Bubble Power She-Ra.

    Would it be possible for ALL future MOTUC action figures which have a skirt or long tunic to include "slits" similar to Bubble Power She-Ra to ensure that fans are able to fully utilise the provided articulation?

    These are choices we leave to the Four Horsemen on a character by character basis. We don't have a specific rule.
    Official Mattel poll on the .Org

    There's a new official Mattel poll on where you rearrange factions based on want. There is a good deal of confusion about the She-Ra filmation slot and the POP vintage toy slot. There are a lot of fans voting for She-Ra Filmation thinking that they are voting for Filmation versions of Glimmer, Angella, etc. Many of these POP gals have voted in the top 10 fan requests in multiple polls on the org and other sites. My question is, how 'official' is this poll and how much is riding on it? I don't want a faction that is well deserving to be ignored because of poor delivery.

    Not to worry. Polls and posts are a way to understand trends, not exact choices. The data is always important and we do appreciate everything fans /customers can share!
    Toyguru: question about Castle Grayskull 'poseability'

    As you know a lot of fans have major space problems hence we always look for the best ways to display our collections. Now that the CG is coming a lot of us are worrying if we will be able to display this beauty in it's full glory using our limited space.

    The fantastic thing about the old CG was that the floor on the 1st floor wasn't a solid L shaped piece but rather 2 separate pieces, thx to which one could display the CG completely 'open' or should I say with both halves in 180 degrees to each other as oppose to the foam mockup Toyguru showed us that presented the castle with walls at 90 degrees. Obviously when displaying the castle as a diorama piece walls front, that isn't a huge problem, but some of us (me including) bought 2 to be able to have one facing front and one showing the interior.

    We would really love for the similar treatment with the new CG please, so that we can display it 'open flat' against our walls / cabinets etc. This way we can use our limited space as best as possible instead of having an L shaped castle that a lot of fans will have HUGE problems displaying and end up displaying it without the 1st floor. I'm sure you'd agree that would simply beat the purpose as we would loose a whole floor made for display purposes..

    Here's an example of what we have in mind based on the old castle. Looking at the blueprints provided it's really hard to distinguish if something like this was planned so far ahead but now that we are getting closer and closer to official reveal a lot of us would really appreciate some assurance in this matter.

    or just like in the original prototype!

    Thx in advance for reading / considering my post ;-)

    We'll have a sculpt to show on Sunday. After that it should be clear How you can display your castle!

    Well, you said "no more kobra khan" in last year, and now here is on early access... So, Fisto can be on early access in future...? ¡I need this figure!
    Please... i bought it in last year, but i don´t recieved it... and i need Fisto... pleeeeeeaseeee

    We have a super limited amount of KK customer service stock we will put up for sale this month. We have no more Fistos at all and he will not be offered again at this time. The KK stock is one of our lowest quota we have put up for sale.
    Which figures should have the "Powers of Grayskull" sticker?

    There was the sticker sheet for subscribers back in 2011 with "Power of Grayskull" stickers on it...
    So MOC collectors could use them for figures which belong to this faction, but came (at least the 1st release) without the sticker.
    For example I put them on He-Ro, Tytus and The Goddess.

    I'm not sure about some of the other figures, where it makes also sense due to the 2nd mini comic or due to the bio.
    Is the indicator to put a character not into the POG faction when the character is still "alive" in the He-Man era? Because I really wondered why Procrustus had no POG sticker on it.

    My question: if the following figures would have a 2nd release (which of course will not happen), where would Mattel officially put the POG sticker on?
    - Moss Man
    - Zodac
    - Zodak
    - The Mighty Spector
    - Draego-Man
    - Granamyr
    - Procrustus

    Really anything is possible. The Classics "bio and mini comic" cannon was specifically created to maximize the number of characters and situations they could be in. Many characters could easily have different stickers work well. That is deliberate and one of the reasons we do the sticker sheets to allow fans to customize. But we don't keep an official list.
    @MC_EvilSkeletor re:Grayskull preorder

    While the preorder is not a sub, TG said the CGS pre-order will be listed on my subs page. Another user listed that cs cancelled his order, then reinstated it for a higher cost (shipping, most likely.) With customers reporting issues with subs cancelled or information not changed when they call in, can you really blame vustomers from being a little gun shy about trusting cs to handle these issues properly?

    I may have been incorrect. The my sub page may not reflect non sub items like the castle
    Realistic Accessory Colors

    I did a quick search and was surprised that I didn't get a hit on this question, so I'll ask it.

    Is or was there some consideration in making more realistic color on weapons and Accessories?

    The first one that stands out is Scareglows Bright Green weapon (love the glow in the dark blade BTW) and now with Jitsu's weapons as well. I can see still having the Orange Handle with a silver or even gold colored blade maybe, or Scareglow's with the same Charcoal colored handle as his chained CG accessory (still with Glow in the Dark Blade).

    It's just with this being for Adult collectors the more realistic colored weapons would probably look better for display and in package, then the more cartoony old toy colors.

    This is something that pops up now and then like with Hordak's crossbow. Anything is possible, we don't have a specific rule. The Horsem usually choose all of the decos when they do the paintmaster

    If some figures sell out during early access at any point between Early Access date of the 14th and the morning of the regular 15th sale date....will the page be updated with the character showing.."sold out".

    For example, if Faker or Kobra Kahn sells out during let's say the evening of the Early Access date of the 14th, will it immediately show up as "sold out"?

    It would just be horrible if I grabbed a faker and Khan only to get an email saying that it was sold out during early access.

    Lastly, has Mattel received all the shipments of Jitsu?

    Thanks so much again to you and your staff for taking the time to answer our questions. NO OTHER BRAND DOES THIS!

    Yes, if a figure sells out during early access the status will change. And Jitsu is full speed ahead.
    Follow-Up Question For Bendy Ssqueeze Choice……………

    I can clearly understand that the design team dosen’t want risk any QC issues in they make Ssqueeze with bendable material, but why not have an “Offical Poll” for the fans regarding this ?

    Just in case if the bendy material lovers win, Let’s say…… Even If Ssqueeze face QC issues, Mattel & the design can “Blame” the fans since it was them who opted for this idea !!

    At this time, no plans for bendy arms. But I just got an Octavia sample and she really works fantastic with the arms as is. You get a ton of articulation out of them and it feels very "Classics" and fits in well with other figs. Not like that is your answer for Ssqueeze, since for him we don't have anything to announce right now etc etc...
    Great Line!! Thanks a bunch!!

    I came into the line summer of 2011 having procured several figures earlier in the year. I am now one figure shy-WunDar. I have been most satisfied with the line-the figures, all of them, are great and unique in their own way. I would like to express my sincere thanks Scott in making this line as awesome as it is and I hope it continues through next year. I would hope we can finish the vintage line. Fortunately, I am in a position to afford the figures. Each time I look at the figures on my wall of my fame the nostalgia comes flooding back-toy aisles, cartoon, massive family room battles, and christmas morning. Again, thanks for the hard work and I know you are doing your best. I can't wait to share these toys with my kids.

    You are most welcome. It is always nice to hear how much the figs means. I feel the same way. My daughter already plays with birdlady, spikey guy and green princess.
    I lost my CG preorder

    Just looking for guidance here. I pre ordered CG. My card I used got stolen so I had to cancel it. Called customer service to change my cc info and they told me they could not. They said my order would be cancelled and so I lost my CG. Anything I can do?

    You should be able to change your credit card. Maybe try calling again.
    Orko in DC comics

    With the DC comics story Orko betrayed the Masters in the last issue, will more info be in future comics or bio's? Was he tricked or did he switch sides?

    It is definitely not my place to comment on future story lines for the DC comics. What I can say is that the DC cannon and the bios cannon are two different MOTU stories. While their might be some overlap, they are not the same.
    NYTF 2013 Reveals

    Since NYTF is not open to the general public, will Matty be presenting the info to the fans/customers?

    Yes we will have news stories, emails and I will try to load some pics from the event to facebook and such if their is service in the hall.
    Filmation game plan?

    If Filmation A-listers like He-Man, Skeletor and MAA are off the table for the time being, do you have a plan for getting needed accessories like the power sword and sheath, Havoc Staff and MAA armor to fans much in the same way you have for 200X fans?

    Since we don't have any of those to announce right now, their isn't anything to confirm.
    Another Follow-Up to the Filmation He-Man/Skeletor Question

    I can understand about your answer on Skeletor and He-Man; however, we still need to get accurate Filmation accessories somehow for those two, including an accurate power sword with sheath for He-Man's back, a cartoon accurate Havoc Staff, and axe with magic crystal ball at top as seen in the Diamond Ray episode for Skeletor.

    Based on your answer, I hope characters such as Hordak, Clawful (completely different look), Mer-Man (his head is drastically different), and Evil-Lyn are still on the table for a variant release as all are significantly different looks from their MOTUC look.

    Lets look at your example of Mer-Man. Yes, their are changes to his face, but for the most part, in skin tone, outfit, and general appearance he isn't that different from the current Classics figure. With our goal to finish as many unique characters in the next two years as we can, doing a Filmation Mer-Man just isn't high in the cards.

    A character really needs a very different look in the animated series vs. toy (like Randor) for consideration at this time. Maybe if after we blast through the vintage and animated key characters we can look at this type of execution. But not anytime soon.
    Castle Grayskull Toy Fair

    The teaser pics show the castle is grey. Will it not be painted for NYTF? And is the castle finished as far as sculpting/accessories go?

    Yes to the first, no to the second.
    IE Bendy arms

    In the case of Sssqueeze I just can't see any other option besides bendy arms working for him at all. Plastic tentacles on Octavia is one thing, since they just kind of stick out of her back, but for Sssqueeze they're his arms, and having them in a static position (and unable to wrap around anyone!) would be pretty bad.

    Why can't his arms be made of the same material as King Hsss's snakes (which I've heard NO quality control issues with) or even whatever the original Sssqueeze's arms were made from (since they seem to have lasted just fine for almost 30 years)

    Design wants to avoid any potential QC issues after Snout Spout. Too many upset fans to even risk this at this point.Better safe then sorry if you will.
    Follow-up to FILMation Skeletor and Teela Question

    So does this mean that there are going to be no more variants (i.e. Terror Claws Skeletor, Flying Fists He-Man, Buzzsaw Hordak, Vintage Toy Catra, 200X King Hsss, etc.) in Classics after NA He-Man?

    At least for 2014?

    Not in the least. Those are all legit variants with very different looks for core characters. A "filmation" varianjt Skeletor or Teela is just not different enough from the current version to use a slot right now (now that we are looking at trying to wrap up the vintage line by 2015). A character will only get a filmation "variant" if in filmation their look was signifigantly different from the figure look (like King Randor). Otherwise their are not plans right now for Filmation versions of characters.
    Scott Please consider this when you guys get around to Squeeze?

    I understand designs reason for wanting to stay away from bendy material after the snout spout QC issue, but lets be honest here for a moment. Whatever hard rubber was used on King Hsss with the wire inside of it making it bendy was well made and has held up just fine without breakage and design made a fantastic choice with that. I also understand that Mattel took a loss on King Hsss because of the materials used on him for his $20.00 cost. All fans are asking is that Ruben & design please look into a high Quality heavy rubber matterial to give Squeeze his bendy arms when and if you get around to making him.

    Up untill snout spout there was no QC issues with bendy parts in MOTUC's, but snout spouts trunk was not solid rubber with a wire in it. The trunk was made a blue bendy type foam material covered in a thin layer of rubber that was very infearior to the matterial used with King Hsss snake form.

    Fans just want squeeze to have his bendy arms and rather than take the easy way out and say no lets avoid a QC issue, I think Mattel along with Ruben & design owe it to the fans to try to find every way a possible to try and make his arms bendable
    With Octavia I can see why this was avoided, but with squeeze his arms are much wider and thick enough to have the same type Rubber like the one used on King Hsss with a wire inside which would give Squeeze his action feature. Also since I'm sure squeese isn't planned yet Mattel to cover the cost of the heavy bendy matterial that was used with King Hsss snake form could make Squeeze a $30.00 Figure instead of just a $25.00 figure so that Mattel doesn't take a loss on the cost of figure due to the King Hsss rubber material used.

    I know that you and design still know what material was used on king Hsss snake form, so please don't dismiss this request , Please have design look at every option to try to give the fans a working bendy arme Squeeze figure when Mattel gets to him? Also Please speak to the Horsemen about it to so they can scuplt him to have bendy arms?

    totally understand, but in the end this is a design choice and after the issues with Snout Spout design does not feel comfortable risking any QC at all. I think once you see final Octavia at Toy Fair on sunday fans will see how tenticles can be done without bendy.
    Fisto... :-(

    Any notice about Fisto´s release? I need one!

    I can 100% confirm their is no rerelease or customer service stock of Fisto at this time. He is 100% gone.
    2014 continuation of the line

    When do you think we'll be able to know if MOTUC will see 2014 and how many slots?

    Ideally a little before SDCC. We'll know is a 2014 line is happening for sure if we hit the min number of sub holders when we sell a potential 2014 sub at SDCC this summer. We'll use a visual meter this time like we did with the Castle.
    Filmation Skeletor & Teela To Counter Their "GONE FOR GOOD" Situation.....

    Now that Mattel is having very little stocks of Skeletor (which could sell out very quickly) & Teela is "Gone For Good", Can you make their Filmation variants (Skeletor 2.0 & Teela 2.0) down the road, maybe in 2015 Or 2016 after finishing your new "wrap-up" road map ? (though I would love to them her coming well before the said period) !

    Selling them outside of SUB like Bubble Power She-Ra is not going to hinder anybody who already has their 1st version. Who knows ? They may even buy this (Filmation) version to add in their collection.
    This way, 1) you don't have to worry about their sell out time since they are NOT reissues of their "old" version. 2) You can make Filmation fans happy !!

    Even selling outside the sun uses up a development slot and if we do a 2014 line we want to use every slot for new figures to maximize our characters.
    Fighting Foe Men.....

    Here's a simple request.

    The FFM are an expensive item, and while I am excited to get them, due to their cost, can Mattel push them to May? The reason I pose this request is that April (being tax month) is going to be hard pressed for the extra cash needed to cover the expense after paying taxes (for some or most.) I'm sure others are going to feel the same way.

    Any way Mattel can consider this?

    We'll have an updated release schedule this Sunday at NYTF! Can't promise this change will be made, but we will confirm the latest schedule at collector night.
    Panels broadcast

    Could you please consider a live broadcast of future matty panels here at mattycollector?

    Maybe a bonus for subscribers from the my subscription page so we, international fans, can see it live stream.

    Our panels are a bonus for fans who can come out to conventions and a major reason people go to cons. We won't be doing this.
    The Castle Grayskullman that never arrived

    Just wanted to point out something regarding Castle Grayskullman. My friend's subscription order was shortpacked by 1 Grayskullman figure. He orders for a bunch of us so we can combine shipping costs.

    The problem is, there's no replacement. In fact, you can't even call it a replacement because it was never sent to begin with. All that was offered was a refund. Now, someone has to hunt down a Grayskullman on the secondary market, with the rest of the group chipping in the difference as he is a sold-out figure and commands a bit.

    My problem is, it takes around a month for figures to arrive, internationally. Despite this knowledge, why would Grayskullman's Customer Service stock be sold so quickly after his initial sale? There was only but a week between his original sale date and the Cyber weekend sale, giving absolutely no chance to those in the position of my friend.

    I understand this also happened to a number of subscribers when Fisto and Sorceress were released, although they completely sold out and there was no backup for some reason.

    In any case, just wanted to make you aware of things like this. It's already frustrating that, as an international fan, we cannot enter contests or have access to the Mad Matty sales when they occurred. I know we're not a huge proportion of your sales, but we are out there supporting it.

    I do hear you and this is just one of the issues that isn't 100% solvable with an online product line. International customers sometimes face the same issues US fans have when they want to buy (for example) import toys from Japan. At the end of the day we simply can't make the line and the buyign process work for every fan in every country with every individual buying habbit. but we do try!
    Hellooo! Other time, Snout-Spout, mekaneck and Ssqueeze

    Really i want a flexible articulations for this figures! So i have an idea... Why you don´t use the same material of the 80´s Snout spout figure, to release a new trunk for Snout spout, a new neck for Mekaneck and the Ssqueeze arms? is a flexible material, extremly resist, and is posible introduce inside a metal piece to make all the piece flexible and poseable! Really i think that´s not dificult, and you can introduce a new Snout Spout´s head, and a new Mekaneck´s neck in a future Weapons pack!
    Please, i want this flexible pieces, and a lot of people too! And you? ;-)

    We do hear you but at this point design would prefer to not risk any additional QC issues and won't be going with bendies.
    Any plans to follow up on the 'Zig Zag' orders you brought up at the Org?

    Just wondering when you plan to address this issue as you yourself started this thread on September 20 regarding orders being shipped "over the mountain and through the woods" before arriving on our doorsteps? The international fans have it worse what with their packages arriving from Sweden. Any follow up will be greatly appreciated.

    For the record, I'm not an international fan myself, but issues such as this NEED to be resolved before the annual push for the sub come Comic Con.

    We've posted this a few times but here you go again:

    From DR customer service team:

    "We also want to assure you that Canadian packages that may look as though they are being routed to Sweden before arriving back in Canada are not truly being sent to Sweden. The packages are first sent to our international consolidator, which uses the Swedish Post Office as an office of exchange to provide the best pricing for the priority service into Canada. The packages are processed through the Swedish Post Office in LA, and then they are sent to Canada."
    2014 Subs

    If we've learned anything from the near miss of 2013, it's that it's never too early to think about 2014. Since subs have to close by August to plan for a full year, can we get the 2014 subs on sale before San Diego Comic Con? A mere few weeks is not enough time to leave the subs open and meet the quota. What worked for 2011 and 2012 might not work for 2014, times are different, the fan base is different, and the line is different.

    At this point we don't even know if there will be a 2014 line. But if we get one we may open the subs buy in earlier knowing figure reveals will still not be until SDCC.
    MOTUC tiered stands

    I think my question got buried , wondering if any news on the MOTUC tiered stands ?

    Look for an update at our collector event on Sunday!
    Ram-Man Questions...

    some "Rammi" questions:

    Can you tell us WHY Ram-Man comes later (form january to february)? Hope no quality problems?!

    When you will ship it for subscribers? In the week from the 04th till the 8th of feb. oder one week later?

    How much Ram-Man's you have produced? I know that you will not tell us a real number; but can you give us an example; like "the most vintage numbers after he-man" or the same as fisto or shadow weaver"???

    A last I will say Thank you for this great figure! He is awesome!
    Now, I hope to see GWILDOR soon, and he will get the same great update like Ram-Man!

    Ram Man is 30.oo for sub holders and 33.00 for day of. He will ship as part of the Feb sale. We do not give out quotas on any figure.
    Suscriber perks...Will 2013 subscribers get an email with NYTF MOTUC reaveal info?

    My question is with NYTF not being open to the public like SDCC is does Mattel plan to continue the Subscriber perk emails in 2013 with info & pictures of the NYTF MOTUC's Reveals? It would be great for subscribers to have the info & pictures via email at the same time you are doing it at NYTF this sunday February 10th between 3pm and 6pm EST.

    Yes, we will offer coverage of the event in our news section.
    Who takes precedence?

    I am curious as to who takes precedence for getting a figure, mini-comic characters (like Rana or Prince Dakkon), or B-list New adventure characters? Personally I want to see more mini-comic characters.

    For 2009-2013 we did our best to ensure each year was a mix of the most amount of figures possible. If we get to a 2014 line we will focus on the core vintage figures and animated figures.
    multiple sub renewal mails

    I keep getting these emails that my 2 subs will autorenew. Ive gotten 4 (!!!) so far. No big deal but isnt one reminder enough?

    Just making sure customers have the info!
    Most Powerful Game

    i´ve read several times that the ios game is announced to be released also for android.
    Is that really the case and when will be the release date?

    Yes it will be but we don't have a release date yet.
    Toyguru: Rescue the Butterfly girl

    I recognized there is a lot fan demand for Flutterina at the moment!! Everyone is talking about her and her future in MotU Classics. Do you know about this? It seems she is more important for a lot of fans I thought before.
    What do you think about? Flutterina would be a beautiful MotUC figure!!

    She certainly would be a great figure. But no plans to announce right now. (did you expect a different answer!?)
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