OK, so he'es a quick rundown on what i need help with:

With luck, by the end of this month, my wife and I will be moving into our first home together. I am lucky enough that she is letting me have one of the rooms all to myself to do whatever I please... so naturally it is becoming a toy room! It's not going to be a huge room, but a full room nonetheless. The hard part is deciding how I'm going to design it. For now, the only MOTU items i have out are figures from the classics line spread across 4 of the famous Detolf cases from IKEA. I have other figures from various toy lines (DCUC, Thundercats, TMNT, TFs) on miscellaneous bookshelves spread around that I would also like to bring into this room, in addition to busting the vintage and 200x toys from storage. What I'm mainly looking for are any ideas you may have in mind for how I can make the room amazing.

I can certainly add many more Detolf cases for a slightly higher end look than $30 walmart bookshelves provide.... I can paint the walls with murals depicting the scenery from various properties (Here is a link to an unfinished mural i did for a friend)... I can put up framed vintage MOTU posters like the ones from MOTU magazine... or if space isn't TOO limited in the end... maybe even build some sorta landscape similar to how Mattel displays MOTU at SDCC (although this may severely limit how much i could display).

The room will mainly focus on the figures and accessories, while i have been granted "permission" to have cooler, larger items like the NECA Skeletor statue, and things like that in more common areas of the house.

I am begging for any and all advice you can offer either from experience, or cool stuff you have seen. ANY pictures you can provide will also make things a thousand times easier a month from now! MOTU will certianly be the main focus of the room for sure, but I'd like to squeeze some of the key pieces from other lines in as well.

I promise tp update with pics as the project begins after move in day