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Thread: MOTU and heavy metal!

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    MOTU and heavy metal!

    Hellenic (aka Greek) power/heavy metal band recently made a song dedicated to castle Grayskull!

    As a bonus, I would like to add Canadian metalheads' Cauldron "All or Nothing" that features the drummer watching He-Man at 0:29

    Have you guys located any other metal material related to MOTU? \m/
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    WOW! I love Cauldron! They are so cool! I didn't know 'em!

    Long time ago I discovered two bands.
    This is a cover band, The Masters Of Hair Metal (

    And then there is an american Speed Metal band, called Skelator.

    And don't forget our group here on the Org for all the metalheads:
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    I don't have anything to add at the moment, but thanks for posting the link to the metal group. I just joined.

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